America's Team? The Dallas Cowboys and the D/FW media really should check out what the rest of America thinks about America's Team. We had no idea that we weren't alone in thinking this America's Team thing was a bit odd til provoked by the Saturday, January 12, 2008 issue of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to see what the rest of America had to say about America's Team.

America's Team: The Dallas CowboysOn the front page of this sad excuse for a major city newspaper, under the headline at the top of the page "Everyone's a Winner" with a sub-heading in large letters saying "The Cowboys are at the top of their game. And that's good for everybody. Their success is felt far and wide and measured in dollars and happiness."

And then the rest of the article in normal sized print saying, "Are you feeling good about the Dallas Cowboys this season? You're not alone. The team's success has a real effect on how we go about our lives. The Cowboys can stir emotions and spirits in such a way that individuals, and in many casesAmerica's Team: USA Olympic Basketball Team businesses, are more productive. And it's not just a local thing, either. When you're 13-3 and in the NFL playoffs and are America's Team, the impact can be far-reaching. Call it success by association."

We read this and thought this is the most embarrassing thing we've seen in the Star-Telegram since the last time they used their patented "Green With Envy" verbiage.

But, the front page wasn't the end of it, the Sports page managed to out-do the Front page in an article with the headline "Cowboys' success makes the world a better place". We'll copy and paste the first and second paragraphs from the paper, "Are the Cowboys, who are called America's Team, really the team that represents America? Or could they actually represent in the general awareness something more abstract, a goal perhaps, or maybe a go-west-young-man ideal, maybe even the American Dream?

Having made the most Super Bowl appearances and won the most nationally televised Monday night games, the Cowboys are arguably the most conspicuously successful football team in history. Last year, Forbes even crowned the Cowboys the most valuable sports team in the world. So if the Cowboys don't literally represent America, they could represent, in a word, success -- that is, they could represent exactly what every American wants."

No, we are not making this stuff up, go here and read the entire embarrassingly deluded article in the online Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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What we learned about America's Team Today via Google

From James' Football Blog---
I say it's time for the Dallas Cowboys to drop the moniker of America's Team since they are not, nor have they ever been, a team favored by a majority of the population, and in reality, more Americans dislike the team than like them. Of course, a few Cowboys fans disagree with my thoughts. 
From a Football Forum---
It fit from a marketing standpoint, but you don't honestly think that the majority of football fans across the country consider the Cowboys to be their team do you?  In my opinion, there is no America's Team in reality and if there were, the closest thing to it would actually be the Packers.  (small-town team owned by the fans, most championships ever)

Read the Wikipedia article about how Dallas came to call itself America's team and others teams that claim to be America's team.

A New Yorker named Bert Sugar has written a book called "I Hate the Cowboys: And Who Elected Them America's Team". From a short review of the "I Hate the Cowboys" book, "There is likely no team in American sports more loathed than the Dallas Cowboys. The antics of their players and coaches, their crass showmanship, their contemptible pride, make them a worthy target of our scorn. For the first time ever, a collection of essays will give voice to what America thinks of the Dallas Cowboys. Bert Randolph Sugar, whom The New Yorker called "the best kibitzer in New York," has brought together a noted list of contributors who share our contempt. Here's a taste of their distaste. "I doubt if Jerry Jones can even spell tradition."--Chet Coppock, The Voice of Chicago.

More America's Team Blurbs

America's Team Forever. That did it! I can't take this nonsense any longer. Something must be done to counteract this "America's Team" myth that has crept into our cultural consciousness. It was a title that was bestowed upon them and that their worshippers wildly embraced as their sacred due: that of being labeled America's Team. They're no more America's Team than the Eagles are. And there was nothing sweeter than beating the team that some stupid people call America's Team.
Even though the Dallas Cowboys think they've cornered the market on Americanism by loudly proclaiming themselves to be America's Team, they will never truly be America's Team. But bottom line: America's Team, the former kings of the NFL, have no clothes. Never had, never will. They are anything but America's Team. No matter that we lost to Dallas, I still couldn't accept them as America's Team. Not then, not now, not ever. I mean, where do they come off calling themselves America's Team?
For any team—let alone the Dallas Cowboys—to wrap themselves in a patriotic banner, demanding that we regard them as America's Team would piss off a Good Humor man. It certainly does most Americans and almost every player on every other team in the NFL when they hear that phrase.





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