Dallas is the 3rd largest city in Texas and the 9th largest in the United States with a population of 1,232,940. 

Many non-Texans believe Dallas to be the capital of Texas. Some Dallasites have a similar attitude. 

Dallas and Forth Worth are the big bookends of the D/FW Metroplexes dozens of smaller cities, the total metro population being more than 6 million. 

There is a rivalry between Dallas and Fort Worth which has been going on over the course of 3 centuries. 

To an outsider (specifically a Yankee) this rivalry can seem a bit absurd as there seems to be no comparison between the two cities. 

Dallas and Fort Worth are very different from each other. The towns complement each other quite well, together pretty much covering the entire scope of Texas. Urbane sophistication on one end, an easy going wild west outpost at the other end. 

classic view of downtown Dallas and Reunion Tower

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Reunion Tower and Hyatt Regency Hotel. Reunion Tower is 560 feet tall. A 68 second elevator ride takes you to the top where the first level is an observation deck, the second is Antares Restaurant and the third is a club called The Dome. Both The Dome and Antares revolve, making a full circle every 55 minutes. Come dark Reunion Tower lights up with a computer generated light show. On a clear day you can see all the way to Fort Worth.

Observation Deck hours: Sun-Thurs 10:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 9:00am-11:00pm. Call first hours may vary.
Admission: Adults $2.00, Children $1.00.


sign in the West End in Dallas

Dallas' West End is a restaurant, night club, shopping, tourist zone. It's is very pedestrian friendly with restored, preserved and renovated building from another era. All the places to eat, drink and be merry is what makes the West End such a busy place. Among the West End's 23 restaurants are Atomic Sushi, Butcher Shop, Cadillac Bar (Tex-Mex Bar & Grill), Chipotle, Corner Bakery, Dick’s Last Resort (Ribs, Chicken, Burgers), Gator’s Croc N’ Roc (Burgers, Mexican Food, Frozen Drinks), Joe’s Crab Shack, Hoffbrau’s Steaks, Hooter’s, La Fiesta Fruits, Landry’s Seafood, Morton’s of Chicago (Upscale Seafood), Newport’s Seafood, On The Border, RJ Mexican Cuisine, Sonny Bryan’s (Dallas Landmark BBQ Smokehouse), Spaghetti Warehouse, Spiatza Italian, T.G.I.Friday’s, The Palm (Upscale Steak and Lobster), West End Pub, Y.O. Ranch (Upscale Tex-Mex featuring Steak and Game)

According to Wikipedia, Dallas is the main cultural and economic center of the 12 county Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Metroplex---some in Fort Worth might object to this claim of Dallas being the D/FW culture center, what with Fort Worth having an entire district devoted to culture, even naming it the Cultural District, while D/FW's cultural center, Dallas, has no Cultural District, unlike its more cultured neighbors to the west. Dallas named its more refined cultural district the Arts District instead.
6th Floor Book Depository window

The sniper's window on the Sixth Floor of the Book Depository at Dealey Plaza. 

This is not a thumbnail link to a bigger picture, it is a thumbnail link to several bigger pictures of the JFK Assassination site.

JFK 40th Anniversary at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. This is not a thumbnail link to a bigger picture, it is a thumbnail link to several bigger pictures 40th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination. You can view a YouTube video we took that November Day in 2003.
DART Dallas Area Rapid Transit Train in the West End

DART is the name of the Dallas transit system, a network of mass transit options which serves the east side of the Metroplex quite well. This includes a light rail train shown here. 

cowboy overlooking the Dallas Herd

The cowboy overlooks the Dallas Herd at Pioneer Plaza, a site which seems unlikely, a trail drive through towers of skyscrapers. Maybe they are headed for Fort Worth's Stockyards.

This is not a thumbnail link to a bigger picture, it is a thumbnail link to several bigger pictures of Pioneer Plaza and the biggest outdoor bronze sculpture in the world.

ALSO IN DALLAS: THE DALLAS ZOO---Promoting itself as the "Largest Zoological Experience in Texas" the world-class Dallas Zoo covers 95 acres featuring many rare and endangered species. Popular exhibits include the ExxonMobil Endangered Tiger Habitat with Indochinese and Sumatran Tigers, the 25 acres Wilds of Africa which was named the best African exhibit in America. Visit the Dallas Zoo Website.
Deep Ellum east of downtown Dallas

Deep Ellum. Decade's ago this was the far east side of downtown Dallas. East Elm Street, where colored folk lived, (this is what African Americans were called early last century). Elm was pronounced with an extra syllable back then. Nowadays Deep Ellum is an entertainment district. It may not look like much in daylight, but at night when the neon comes on and the streets fill and the roof top bars start hopping, Deep Ellum becomes the soul center of the Metroplex.

Dallas Farmers Market

The Dallas Farmer's Market. A vast lush jungled cornucopia with everything from vegetables to fruit to furniture to pot purveyors.

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Dallas became a settlement in 1841, incorporated as a city on February 2, 1856. Dallas is known for its part in the oil industry. Lesser known but having a large economic impact are the computer technology, telecommunication, transportation and banking industries. Despite having no navigable connection to the sea Dallas grew to prominence due to it being a center of the oil and cotton businesses. 
Fair Park in Dallas and a very big ferris wheel

Originally built for the Centennial of the founding of the Republic of Texas the Dallas site of the Centennial Exposition became the location for the annual Texas State Fair, the Biggest State Fair in the United States. The Texas State Fairgrounds is a sprawling area of museums and exhibition halls, statues, barns & science exhibits,

This is not a thumbnail link to a bigger picture, it is a thumbnail link to a look at the grounds of the Biggest State Fair in the U.S....the Texas State Fairgrounds at Fair Park in Dallas.


ALSO IN DALLAS: THE DALLAS THEATER CENTER---This architectural gem was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is home to a permanent repertory company, performing comedy and drama 8 months of the year. Visit the Dallas Theater Center Website.
The State Fair of Texas Click Big Tex's boot for a look at some of this year's Texas State Fair, including the Midway, Big Tex, the new Texas Skyway, the Texas Star (with Eyes on Texas video of the Midway, Big Tex, the new Skyway and the Texas Star) plus cars. a lot of people and some uniquely Texas food that you probably won't want the recipe for.

This is not a thumbnail link to a bigger picture, it is a thumbnail link to a look at the 2007 State Fair of Texas State.

ALSO IN DALLAS: THE DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART---Includes collections of American masterpieces by Church, O'Keefe and Wyeth, contemporary art by Pollock, Rothko, Warhol and Lichenstein, European and Impressionist art by Renoir, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet, plus art of the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Visit the Dallas Museum of Art Website. King Tut will appear October 3, 2008 through May 17, 2009.
This Dallas McDonald's was designed by the same people who designed Disney's new corporate headquarters. Which may explain why it seems to be the most Disneyesque McDonald's in the World.

This is not a thumbnail link to a bigger picture, it is a thumbnail link to an Eyes on Texas look at one of the World's Most Unique McDonald's. In Dallas.

White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.  River Legacy Park in Arlington and White Rock Park in Dallas may be the most heavily used parks in the D/FW Metroplex. The may also be the nicest parks in the D/FW Metroplex.

This is not a thumbnail link to a bigger picture, it is a thumbnail link to an Eyes on Texas look at White Rock Lake Park in Dallas.

ALSO IN DALLAS: THE DALLAS ARBORETUM---On the shores of White Rock Lake, just a few minutes east of downtown Dallas, the Dallas Arboretum is over 66 acres flowers and gardens, including 2 historic mansions, the House and the Camp Estate. Visit the Dallas Arboretum website. 

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