This was the 3rd Annual Balloon Fest. Balloon Fest 2002 was expanded from Mansfield to include Midlothian and Waxahachie and renamed the North Texas Balloon Classic. Two out of three Balloon Fests have ended with a weather disaster. If the pattern holds this would mean next year's Balloon Fest should be weather disaster free.

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Here we see the transplanted Yankee who runs the Balloon Fest managing one of the many crisis which occur around the clock during such an event. Little did he know, with the blue skies behind him that crisis management was soon to take a turn for the worse.

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The vendors inside a big white tent. Having fun hawking their wares they did not know the calamity in store for them in a few short hours.

bfest29.jpg (30955 bytes) A family who recently lost their home to a fire had a concession to give pony rides to kids. Here we see a couple of the ponies cooling off in the misting system. Mother Nature would soon take care of the cooling problem.
bfest27.jpg (25656 bytes) Little kids toured the Balloon Fest grounds in sawed off barrels on wheels pulled by a tractor.
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It is not known if this is an operation of the Confederate Air Force, or if the vehicle owner minded his vehicle being landed on.

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One of the elaborate home made transportation devices built by innovative Texans.

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One of the planes of the Confederate Air Force, on site to protect the festival and help maintain peace and order. And to allow tours on vintage planes.

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The rudder of a big bomber of some sort on which you can clearly read the emblem of the Confederate Air Force, Dallas/Fort Worth Wing.

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If you click on no other photo to see the enlarged view make sure you do click on this one to see the interesting ornamentation adorning this flagship of the Confederate Air Force.

bfest5.jpg (30364 bytes) A display of antique tractors had a not so antique admirer test driving several of them.
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It is beginning to get near the time when the sun starts to set, which means the balloons are starting to rise for the evening Moon Glow. And if mild winds permit, half the balloons are scheduled to take off for an evening flight.

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The Hillbilly Sisters, Kay and Flo with balloons rising behind them in their Kettle Korn booth. The Hillbilly Sisters make the best Kettle Korn you've ever tasted.

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The wind died down enough that three balloons decided to launch. Here we see them flying over the Hillbilly Sisters. There are about 40 balloons at Balloon Fest. With only 3 in the air that means there will be 37 balloons possible for the Moon Glow

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A few rock climbers ignore the growing soon to be glowing balloons.

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As the sky gets darker the glow grows brighter. Words are not needed much here for you to know what you are seeing.

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In this photo and the one below these girls struggled hard to hold on to the tether ropes.

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Serena's Song. The most important balloon at Balloon Fest. Watching handicapped kids go up for a balloon ride was quite a sight. The kids were so happy and their families were so happy watching them.

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Serena's Song began when Serena, who did not speak and was thought unable to, and was so happy at going up in a hot air balloon that she spoke.

bfest16.jpg (18045 bytes) The purpose of the Balloon Fest is to raise money to build an elaborate park for the handicapped. This is being built in Mansfield, designed by renowned architects and which will be the best and biggest such park in the world, naturally, as this is in Texas.
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bfest18.jpg (26165 bytes) A well known fast food restaurant had a balloon this year.
bfest19.jpg (26009 bytes) Ronald was next to a pirate looking balloon which seemed to be everyone's favorite.
bfest20.jpg (20982 bytes)
bfest22.jpg (19428 bytes) It is dark now, photos are being taken with little light which makes for a long exposure and slightly blurry images. But you still get a very good idea from this photo as to why people like to come and see the Moon Glow event.
bfest21.jpg (26235 bytes) As the last light leaves the western sky a band starts up with the carnival lights behind them.
bfest17.jpg (14342 bytes) Red sky at night, sailors delight, but apparently that old weather predictor doesn't work in Texas, because the weather to come was no delight. It was a disaster.

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