In Texas any excuse for a festival is a good excuse. Parker County has a few peach orchards. These orchards produce peaches sold only in Texas, mostly north Texas, mostly in Parker County.  The peaches do provide a good reason to have a fun festival in Weatherford, the county seat of Parker County. The Peach Festival takes place in the blocks surrounding the downtown Weatherford Parker County Courthouse.

Parker County Peach Festival
Saturday, July 8, 2017
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Location: Historic Downtown Square
Weatherford, Texas 

Weatherford hosts the 2017 Annual Peach Festival on Saturday, July 8th. This year's festival features more than 200 arts and crafts vendors. Come to the Peach Festival in Weatherford’s historic downtown, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You will find a children’s area, a food court, non-stop entertainment, and of course sweet, juicy Parker County Peaches. Beat the heat with Peachy treats of all kinds - Peach ice cream, Peach juleps, Peach smoothies, Peach cobbler, Peach jams, and just plain ol' Peaches to bite and let the juice run down your chin. Admission is $5 for adults and FREE for children 12 and under

Parking Lot Locations:

  • 9th Grade Center (The Old Weatherford High School) – 1007 South Main Street

  • Weatherford College - 225 College Park Drive

  • Sheriff's Posse Grounds – 2251 Mineral Wells Hwy (Hwy 180) (Get directions to this new parking location HERE!)

  • Handicap parking/shuttle is available at the Ninth Grade Center, or at City Hall, right outside the Palo Pinto Street Festival entrance.

It is recommended that Peach Festival goers park at one of the free parking lots and ride the FREE Shuttle to the Peach Festival.

Visit the Parker County Peach Festival's Website

The Parker County Peach Festival   click a thumbnail to view a photo 

The county courthouse in Weatherford is among the most interesting in the north Texas zone, along with Granbury and Waxahachie. 

Weatherford Public Market

In Weatherford you will find a large Public Market where you can buy all sorts of produce, including Parker County Peaches.

Making Peach Plop Pie at the Peach Festival. Here we see a cook preparing a batch of Peach Plop Pie, keeping it churned up for a 2 o'clock date with a group of 12 scheduled to bob for numbered peach pits to gain some very good prizes, such as trips, money and big screen TVs. We will see this event at the end of our visit to the Parker County Peach Festival.
Texas Big Hair at the Peach Festival. An excellent example of Texas Big Hair.


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The Parker County Courthouse in Weatherford. A monster on the left and a monster of a courthouse in the center.
A vendor selling paintings on corrugated steel.

This festival attracts some very good artisans. Here we see some paintings on corrugated steel.

Misters cool the Peach Festival Goers.

It is July in Texas. So it is hot. As it is at any public event during the hot season there are cooling methods. Here we see a walk through cooling mister.

A Peach Julep Stand.

Peach Julep. It was good.

Music at the Peach Festival.

The Parker County Peach Festival had 4 music venues. In this one it appears that a little girl is singing for some cowboys.

Selling Peach Cobbler to the festival goers.

Now it is time for some Peach Cobbler.

A real tall cowboy on stilts. This overly tall cowboy seems to appear at many events in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Another misting and cooling opportunity.

It is time for another misting. Very convenient how these appear regularly to cool you off just when you start to overheat.

A passive anti-solar radiation device in the form of an umbrella.

Others have other methods of keeping cool. Here we see the umbrella method, appropriately by a vendor of chilies from San Antonio.

Rocky Creek Metal Art from Jacksboro, Texas.

Another example of the special vendors attracted to this festival.

Time for some Peach Ice Cream.

We've had Peach Julep and Peach Cobbler. Now it's time for some Peach Ice Cream. It is homemade, the old-fashioned method, and demand outruns supply every year. 

Serving up Peach Ice Cream.
Texas Redneck Wind Chimes.

These special Texas wind chimes are outlawed in some communities.

More music at the Parker County Peach Festival.

Another music venue with a very young listener.

A large singing group.

Here we see a view of a few of a very large music ensemble playing some sort of rock music. They were very good. The first photo is from inside the tent. The second photo is the same view, but from outside the tent.

Too many people, not enough tent, listening to some Peach Festival singers.
Yet one more mister cooling off Peach Festival visitors.

That music was hot so it's time for another cooling in another walk through mister before we get to the peach pit diving.

A Peach Pit diver looking for a prize.

Here we see one of the peach pit divers after retrieving a pit. The mix of peaches, sugar and water was very slippery and had begun to ferment by the time the pit diving began.

One more Peach Pit Diver.

And here we see the final peach pit diver with the Weatherford Court House behind her. And with that it is time to leave the Parker County Peach Festival.

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