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WORLD'S LARGEST McDONALD'S IN OKLAHOMANorth of Tulsa there is a town called Vinita, Oklahoma. Vinita is home to one of the world's more unusual McDonald's Restaurants.

The Vinita McDonald's spans the Will Rogers Turnpike of Interstate 44. The Vinita golden arch was originally built in 1957 as one of the Glass House restaurants of long gone Interstate Hosts.

At one point the Glass House was a Howard Johnson's. Because of the Glass House past the Vinita McDonald's is known as the Glass House McDonald's or the McDonald's Glass House Restaurant.

In addition to getting a Big Mac or a Happy Meal you can also gas up at a Phillips 66 station. Golden Arches dominate both sides of the building, visible from a distance to drivers on the Interstate. The Golden Arches serves as both the McDonald's symbol and as the supports for the steel arch bridge that spans the freeway.

After you exit the interstate you enter the McDonald's from the side, getting to the restaurant level by stairs or an elevator. The entire space is not taken up by McDonald's. There is also a gift shop. And some unused space. The actual McDonald's is the size of an ordinary McDonald's. It would seem it is sort of like a McDonald's in a mall claiming to be the world's largest due to being in a big mall.

Maybe a more legitimate claim would be that this may be one of the world's largest structures devoted to a McDonald's restaurant.

Several other McDonald's dispute the Vinita's McDonald's claim to being the world's largest. McDonald's in Beijing, Moscow, Orlando and Chicago beg to differ.

One of the World's 
Most Unique McDonald's
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