George W. Bush used to play in the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington before he became the governor of Texas and the president of the United States.. Bush owned the team called the Texas Rangers. The Texas Rangers play baseball.

The Ballpark in Arlington is a very pleasant place to watch baseball. The Ballpark also affords a good view of the new hypercoaster at Six Flags Over Texas.

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The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, apparently one of baseball's finest, home of the Texas Rangers, sited in a park-like setting, next to Six Flags Over Texas, with a man-made lake between the stadium and Interstate 30 and a lush landscape of trees giving the Ballpark a much different look than more urban stadiums, such as the stadium formerly known as Enron Field in Houston, or Safeco Field in Seattle.

The lake on the north side of the Ballpark in Arlington.

The lakeside view of the Ballpark in Arlington. A jogging/rollerblading path runs besides the lake.

The Ballpark Concourse/

The Ballpark in Arlington has many food buying opportunities. The cuisine seems somewhat Texasified, as you can see in this view of the Red River BBQ.

For the enlightenment of non-Texans, the Red River is one of the things which separate Texas from Oklahoma.

Way up high on an escalator in the Ballpark in Arlington.

The Ballpark in Arlington seems very well designed to move people fast and easy. Wide traversing walkways and long escalators to transport you to the nosebleed sections. This view looks down from the upper escalator.

Looking towards Six Flags.

Looking out the arched windows from the escalator Six Flag's new hyper roller coaster called Titan came into view.

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Click for a map to the Ballpark in Arlington 
and other Arlington Attractions
A good look at the Titan Hyper Coaster in Six Flags, as seen from the Ballpark.

The more you escalate the closer Titan seems to get.

In April of 1989, the Texas Rangers' owner, Eddie Chiles, sold the team to an investment group headed by future President of the United States George W. Bush. Bush was the Rangers' managing partner until he was elected Governor of Texas in 1994. During this time, the Rangers and the City of Arlington decided to construct a new stadium to replace the aging Arlington Stadium. Ground was broken on October 30, 1991 on what would become The Ballpark in Arlington and then Ameriquest Field and now is named Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor as seen from the Ballpark in Arlington.

The upper concourse of the stadium is a big open walkway with great views. This is looking across Interstate 30 to a small portion of sprawling Hurricane Harbor, the Six Flags Waterpark.

Bush sold the team to an investment group led by Dallas businessman Tom Hicks in 1998. In 1999, Nolan Ryan became the first player ever elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame to have a Ranger cap placed on his plaque.
Another view of Six Flags.

The upper concourse provides a much closer view of Six Flags and Titan. Titan appears to dwarf the Texas Giant which is the World's top rated wooden roller coaster and is visible directly behind Titan.

The Titan Hyper Coaster.

This close-up gives a much better idea of why Titan is scaring people even more than the former number one rated coaster, the Texas Giant.

Another view of the Titan Hyper Coaster.

Almost forgot we were at the Ballpark, but let's take one more look at Titan before we return to the game.

Home plate in the Ballpark in Arlington.

Baseball games take place in the Ballpark in Arlington. At this particular game the Texas Rangers are playing the Anaheim Angels. A member of one of those teams appears to be at bat in this view.

The stands appear to be full.

For those not enamored of watching a baseball game exploring the stadium seems an enjoyable activity. This view is from the highest level nosebleed section. Unlike the field formerly known as Enron in Houston, or Safeco Field in Seattle, there appears to be no roof over the Ballpark in Arlington. Inclement weather must be a rarity in North Texas...

  • Founded: 1961 (American League expansion)
  • Formerly known as: the Washington Senators, 1961-1971. (Not to be confused with the team that was the Washington Senators prior to 1961 and then became the Minnesota Twins, or with the Washington Senators that existed from 1891-1899 and were contracted.)
  • Home ballpark: Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (known as The Ballpark in Arlington 1994-2004 and Ameriquest Field in Arlington 2004-2007)
  • Uniform colors: Blue, White, and Scarlet red
  • Logo design: A "T" superimposed on a baseball, set inside a circle with "TEXAS" on the top half and "RANGERS" on the bottom
  • Team motto: You Could Use Some Baseball.
  • Playoff appearances (3): 1996, 1998, 1999
  • Local radio: KRLD 1080 KFLC 1270 en espanol
  • Local television: FSN Southwest, KDFI-TV (My 27), KDFW Fox 4
  • Spring Training facility: Surprise Stadium, Surprise, AZ

The Rangers (when combined with their predecessor the Senators) are the oldest franchise that has yet to appear in a World Series*; in fact, they have yet to win any playoff series. In their history the team has only one playoff victory, on the road at Yankee Stadium in the franchise's first playoff game; they have never won a home playoff game.

As of October 27, 2010, this is no longer true with the Texas Rangers playing their first ever World Series game. Against the San Francisco Giants.

The Ballpark in Arlington home run fence.

We are looking at the area behind the center field home run fence. When a home run occurs fireworks go off behind those signs you see at the top of the stadium and the Jumbotron spells out 'Don't Mess With Texas'. It is not known if this message occurs for every home run.

A thoughtful spectator.

This is a slightly bigger photo, shot in panorama mode. You'll start on the left side of the field and go all the way to seeing home plate being hovered over by a spectator's nose.

Thank you for letting us take you out to the Ballgame in the Ballpark in Arlington

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