May 5, 2001 the weather service issued a Tornado Warning for most of north Texas and southern Oklahoma. This is not a rare thing. The usual big Thunderstorm occurred with the usual heavy rain and occasional sound of hail, but by morning it was learned just 15 miles southeast of Durango, Texas a tornado touched down, in Mansfield. It was a small tornado, probably not even earning one of those F ratings. But it did an estimated 5 million dollars damage. Likely the tornado did not seem like a small one to those who lived through it.

Fort Worth Tornado | Mansfield Tornado | OK Tornado

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As another Texas day comes to a close with another spectacular sunset sky filled with remnants of tornado storm clouds you can see some sheetmetal rearranged on the roof of this building by the tornado of the night before.

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These RV owners had their RV's under cover for their protection from the elements. This seems to work for everything but tornados.

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Last week in Oklahoma the opinion was heard of a lifelong observer of tornados that the reason tornados seem to favor trailer parks is that they are attracted to metal. Another person suggested they are attracted to poor white trash. A third person asked them both to shut up.

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The roof of one of these RV sheds was totally blown apart, its support poles ripped out of the ground and flown across the street as we'll see in the next photo.

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Metal left twisted and bent and flown across a street to land in this open field by some houses which were mostly undamaged except for some missing roofs and blown apart fences.

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This cursed building suffered from the double whammy of being a metal construction with a metal trailer connected to it, making it certain tornado bait according to some people's estimations.

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In some urban areas, such as Fort Worth's Cultural District for example, the above could pass for a modern art sculpture.

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The above sheet metal traveled a distance away from the tornado sculpture before landing by this tree.

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With the sun quickly setting we'll take a close up look at the first photo you looked at. Here you can see the roof twisted into a pile in a very inconvenient location. 


We hope theTornado didn't scare you....

Fort Worth Tornado | Mansfield Tornado | OK Tornado

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