Waco Suspension Bridge Waco is known for many things. Baylor University. The Brazos River. The state drink of Texas was invented here. So there's a Dr Pepper Museum. The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum is in Waco. That's the Police Rangers, as in Lone Ranger, not the baseball playing Rangers. Waco is known more recently for being the place where the Branch-Davidians made their home (although in fact, despite the media associating Waco with that notoriety, Mount Carmel is not in Waco, it is far from Waco's city limits).

There is a huge city park in Waco, called Cameron Park. Among many attractions in Cameron Park there is also a zoo. The park is heavily wooded. The Brazos River runs through Cameron Park and Waco.

Downtown Waco SkylineIn Cameron Park are what many in Texas consider to be the best mountain bike trails in the state. The trails offer various challenge levels of elevation ups and downs, steep cliffs of limestone, huge trees, lush jungle-like greenery and a beautiful river. The tallest structure in downtown Waco is the 22 story Alico Building.

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The Waco Suspension Bridge is the centerpiece of downtown Waco's River Walk. The River Walk extends for miles on both sides of the Brazos.

A Texas State Historical Marker
tells the story of the bridg

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A close-up look from the south side of the Waco Suspension Bridge.The Waco Suspension Bridge crosses the Brazos River with a single span suspension bridge with the main span being 475 feet. The Waco Suspension Bridge opened for traffic in 1869. Almost 3 million bricks were used to build the bridge.

The bridge deck was wide enough for stagecoaches to cross the bridge from both directions. Tolls were a nickel a cattle head to cross the bridge.

Today the Waco Suspension Bridge is open to foot traffic only.

waco26.jpg (41837 bytes) The switchbacking access ramps leading to the Brazos River Walk.
waco21.jpg (30804 bytes) Now we are on the River Walk and can see several of the bridges across the Brazos, sort of looking like the bridges across the Williamette River in Portland, Oregon.
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This bridge was behind us in the previous scene. This was the bridge built with public money when Wacoians grew tired of paying the suspension bridge tolls. It is now a one-way bridge into downtown Waco.

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Eyes on Texas has witnessed Texans who drink Dr. Pepper morning noon and night. At the Dr. Pepper Museum there is an old-fashioned fountain where an old-fashioned soda jerk will make you a Dr. Pepper the old-fashioned way, with a squirt of syrup and a spray of soda water. However, to the Eyes on Texas tastebuds, the old-fashioned method did not make Dr. Pepper taste any better or solve the mystery as to why this flavor is so popular with Texans. Maybe it goes well with barbecue. Or whiskey.

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waco31.jpg (25779 bytes) A re-creation of old downtown Waco called the 'Governor Bill & Vara Daniel Historic Village'is a step back in time well worth a wander.
waco25.jpg (52817 bytes) In the final two photos we are looking down on the Brazos River from Lovers Leap in Cameron Park. This is in Waco just a short distance from downtown. The foliage is very lush and jungle-like. Cameron Park has what many consider to be some of the best mountain bike trails in Texas.

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Time to leave Waco. 
Must come back when we
 can hike Cameron Park again.





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