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A book of interest to the

Brune, Zoet, Nieveen, and Slotemaker

Families and their descendents.


An update of the GROMMERS FAMILYTREE, printed in 1927.




    1. Something About the Origin of the Family Name
    2. Errors in Writing the Name of Our Family
    3. The First Carrier of the Name



1st Generation: Lodewijk Grommers and Eetien Timons

2nd Generation: Martinus Grommers and Catrijna Entrup

3rd Generation: Lodewijk Grommers and Jantjen Engelberts

4th Generation: Engelbertus Grommers and Wendelina Rhodius

5th Generation: Lodewijk Grommers and Sytske Homan

6th Generation: Engelbertus Grommers and Hiltje Hendriks

7th Generation: Engelbertus Grommers and Cornelia Franssens

8th Generation: Aatje Grommers and Melle Nieveen

9th Generation: Cornelia Nieveen and Fred Brune

Mattie Nieveen and Arie Zoet

Martin Nieveen and Anna Haveman

Sylvia Nieveen and Cornelius Slotemaker

10th Generation: The Brune Family

The Zoet Family

The Nieveen Family

The Slotemaker Family

11th Generation: Descendents of Bernard Brune

Descendents of Arthur Brune

Descendents of Frederick Brune

Descendents of Audrey Brune Van Weerdhuizen

Descendents of Harvey Zoet

Descendents of Arnold Zoet

Descendents of Mildred Zoet Likkel

Descendents of Viola Zoet Mauler

Descendents of Elizabeth Nieveen Pettit

Descendents of Arlene Slotemaker Barry

Descendents of John Slotemaker

Descendents of Ruth Slotemaker Hershberger

Descendents of Melvin Slotemaker

Descendents of Gerald Slotemaker





Everyone who carries the family name GROMMERS is likely to have asked himself where this name comes from and what it means. There is probably no satisfactory conclusion, unless on agrees that, "It is clear, of course, that GROMMERS comes from "grommen", (the Dutch word for "growl".)

As far as I know, no one has ever put serious effort into finding the origin of our somewhat unusual, and certainly uncommon, family name. So I take courage in giving some of my ideas and findings in the following pages, which probably will bring us closer to the hidden origin of the name. I will flatter myself with the thought that I did not execute unnecessary work. Before I go on, I must stipulate to my readers that these impressions have only hypothetical value; I have made suppositions which are only based on impressions I had during the course of my investigations on behalf of our family tree. I leave personal opinions up to my readers; they may accept or deny my suppositions as they prefer, either entirely or partly.

And now to the point.

At first view, one will be inclined to think that our family name is a quite common patronymic name, that is, a last name showing a manís first name with the possessive case "s". GROMMERS should then mean: son (or daughter) of a father whose first name is GROMMER, just as, for instance, Jan Hendriks means Jan, the son of Hendrik. If one analyzes this problem further, it will prove that the answer, however plausible it may seem, could not be correct. In the first place, there is a contradiction: in the 17th century, at the time the family name GROMMERS first was introduced in this area, the patronymic ending in "s" was not used, except in very exceptional cases. Actually it speaks for itself; the purpose of oneís own family name was to distinguish it from someone elseís, and this goal was not reached at all by changing a patronymicon to a family name. The majority of present patronymical family names ending with "s" were created in 1811, at the time of French occupation, when the registration at City Hall was introduced and everyone was compelled to choose himself a family name. At that time, many who had the patronymical name at that moment of registration wished to keep this name as a last name. From that year date such last names as HENDRIKS(EN), PIETERS(EN), JANS(EN), DERKS(EN), HARMS(EN), KLASSEN(S), and many others.

Also from another point of view, it is not likely that GROMMERS is a patronymical family name. To create the patronymical name GROMMERS, it was first of all necessary that the manís first name should be GROMMER: without the first name GROMMER, there could be no patronymicon GROMMERS. If it is a fact that a first name GROMMER never existed in Stad and Ommelanden, then logically the conclusion is that is was impossible that the name GROMMERS was promoted from a patronymicon to a family name. In all the books of baptism-registration and other church registrations that I have investigated of the last 300 years, I never saw a first name of GROMMER or any name that looked like it.

Accepted then that GROMMERS is not of patronymical origin, could it also be that the name, as a family name, was chosen entirely independently from any first name? This does not seem probable to me. I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Eggers, Curator at Aurich (east-Friesland), from whom I requested information in connection with the assertion that our first known ancestor came from Aurich, and in answer to this he wrote: "The name GROMMERS or a like name has not appeared in Ost-friesland neither in early days nor in this time, it is not to be found in East frisian or Frisian records, it does not appear by J. Winkler (Frisian namelist.) It could be possible to look in the direction of the Westfallen-Netherrhine area (from GRUMBRECHT?)".

With this we come to the heart of the question: GROMMERS is not from inland, but from outland origin! The name came, already as a family name, from Germany (most likely from Westfalen or Rhineland.) Almost certainly it must originally have sounded like GRUMMER. The change from the German "u" into the Dutch "o" was very normal (compare mund-mond, wunder-wonder, kummer-kommer, kurz-kort, and particularly krumm-krom, brummen-brinneb.) It is not surprising that GROMMER became GROMMERS. Under the influence of the patronymical ending "s", which was common here, the administrators who were in charge of the church registers recognized the name as a common patronymicon and added the unavoidable "s"; more so since the name GROMMER sounded perfect with the addition of an "s". There are more examples of family names which also received the letter "s": viz. Names such as KUIPERS, KONIGS, BRUGMENS.

If it is correct that GROMMERS was originally GRUMMER, and this last word came from the German, the conclusion is that GROMMERS has nothing to do with the Dutch verb "grommen". A German verb "grummen" does not exist; our Dutch "grommen" translated into German is "brummen". If you ask me what could b the source or the meaning of our family name, I think I owe you an answer. Cour Dr. Eggers have shown us the right direction with his note at the end of his letter, "ans GRUMBRECHT?" (see above?) Could our family name long ago have been GRUMBRECHT in Westfalen? There is indeed some attraction in the idea; it does not even sound impossible. Why could GRUMMER(S) not have originated from GRUMBRECHT, as for instance hammers from hambrecht? Many of the names which originally ended in "brecht" became "bert" by changing the "r" and "e", and the "ch" in the pronunciation was lost. Gradually the "b" and "t" disappeared since these letters were not pronounced. The following examples may make it clear: LAMBRECHT became LAMBERS, and finally from these two patronymica came the name LAMMERS (all these variations still appear in family names from LAMBRECHTS(EN) to LAMMERS.) This happened also in other names ending with Brecht". A name like MEINDERT, for instance, left out the "d" and "t", and sowe find a series of variations: MEINDERTS(MA) and MEINERS.

The supposition then that GROMMERS could have originated from GRUMBRECHT is not so foolish Ė on the contrary! Perhaps a thorough investigation of the old archives of Muenster and/or Dusselforf could bring to light what is still not clear in this matter.


Before registration at City Hall became law in 1811, there was no uniformity in writing down first or last names. The names were written down uncertainly Ė just as the minister, custodian, or clerk heard the name pronounced, not only in the baptism Ė and marriage Ė registers, but also in other official documents. If someone was careless or unclear in his pronunciation, or if the "writer" was not sharp of hearing, the name could easily be misspelled, and as a result an altogether different name was written down. More so than with local names, which were more or less familiar, this was the case with our unusual family name. There are therefore many varieties of the name GROMMERS in the old archive documents. In addition to the oldest and correct writings of our family name, viz. GRUMMER, GROMMER, AND GROMMERS, appear many times the GROMMERTS, and others such as GROMER, GOMMER, GOMMERS, GRUMMER, GRUMER, GRUMMELS, GRUMMER, etc. In the accounting book of the Deacons of Uithuizermeeden around 1760 appears even GROMS for "weddeman Groms", who could be no one else but Lodewyk Grommers, who was at that time "wedman" of Uithuizermeeden. Of all the mentioned errors in writing the name, GROMS is the least incorrect indeed; after all, phonetically it sounds the closest to our name when spoken rather fast. And if the registers of the City Hall (where the family names were recorded unchangeably according to the Law in 1811) had not put a halt to simplifying our name, it could easily have become GROMS in the course of years. Of all the mentioned erroneous names GRUMMER and GRUMMELS still exist in Groningen, while GOMMERS is well-known in the south of our country. I do not know if there is any real kinship among those families.


Who was the first GRUMMER, who came from a foreign country, and when did he settle in this area? One does not know with complete certainty, since there is a possibility that his settlement dates to a time when the only source, the oldest church archives (from which we exhausted all the information) did not record baptisms and marriages.

The baptism and marriage books do not show the records much further back than 1640; that of Loppersum, for instance, from 1634, and that of Stedum only from 1666.

The earliest mention of our family name I found was in the baptism register of Loppersum, wherein is mentioned:

May 9, 1656. Hind. Grommers child baptized and named "Derck."

This Derck apparently died young, because again was registered:

October 23, 1659. "Hindrick Grommers two children baptized, one named Derck, the other Lamme".

I want to draw your attention here that GROMMERS in the notes mentioned above was written in the genetive (possessive case.) Therefore one reads, "Hendrick Grommer, his child." The last name here is certainly GROMMER and not GROMMERS. For the rest, nothing is known about this Hindrick Grommer that I could learn. I donít know where he came from, nor if he was married (not in Loppersum, that is certain, because his marriage was not recorded in that place,) nor what his wifeís name was.

About the twin Lamme appears nothing more; but of Derck, we find something, viz. In the marriage registers of Loppersum:

November 6, 1681. Derck Hindricx and Martjen Meynders widow of the later Homme Clasens, both of Loppersum.

And a few lines further:

May 7, 1682. Derck Hindrik and Gessje Haykens both of Loppersum.

Which of these two is the son of Hindrick Grommer? We do not know. From this incident is shows quite clearly that as soon as a family name is deleted, one gets lost in the track.

Now we investigate again the baptism registers of Loppersum where it shows that from one of these Derck Hendricxen a son was baptized on the 4th of March 1683, named Focke. This Derck must be the son of Hindrick Grommer, because on August 17, 1688 (now we are on the right track again) another child was baptized and named Focke, whose father this time was mentioned in full as Derck Hindricx Grommer. A little while before this, viz. on December 5, 1686, a child of Derck Hindricx Grummer was baptized and named Aechtje. Here we have then GRUMMER and GROMMER as real family names - - only to disappear in the next generation, and then no more mention of it. Focke, the son of Derck Hindricx Grommer (or Grummer) is mentioned again simply as Focke Dercks, as coachman in Loppersum was his social position - - which was important in those days, not of that nature that he could maintain a family name. From the marriage of Focke Dercks with Jantjen Pieters was born, among others, a son who in turn went through life simply as Derck Fockes of Fockens. I have been unable to follow his track. For our family tree, this branch of the family is then of no further importance.

The following pages will tell the story of our real ancestors.

Groningen, May 1927





The preceding introduction is copied from the 1927 Grommers Family tree book. The following pages bring the NIEVEEN branch of the GROMMERS family tree up to date.

Much of the work of coordinating all this material from the various branches of the tree has been done by SYLVIA NIEVEEN SLOTEMAKER. Others who have helped considerably are Fred and Mary Brune, Mildred Zoet Likkel, Ada Nieveen, and Melvin and Judy Slotemaker.

A special thanks goes to Tosca Brune, who translated the GROMMERS Family Tree book from Dutch into English, thereby making available to the English-speaking generations the wealth of information contained in that book. We are also considerably indebted to Lodewijk Grommers, author of the above-mentioned book, for the depth of the research he performed in connection with the writing of that book.

It is our hope, in putting this book together, that future generations will find it helpful in tracing their family lineage. We further hope that additional updates will be periodically accomplished.

The NIEVEEN name has now died out, and the descendants of AATJE GROMMERS and MELLE MARTIN NIEVEEN carry a variety of other names, but all those listed in this book have a common ancestoral heritage in the NIEVEEN name, as well as in the GROMMERS name.

We trust that you will find this book interesting and informative. We apologize for any error that you may find; we have done the best we could with the information available to us.



Lynden, Washington

September, 1976






In the register of "Proclamations and Solemnizations" of the Reformed Church Jesu Chirsti at Stedum, the following note was made by the Reverend Arnoldus Warendorp, then minister of that church:

The 7th of November 1683 proclamation requested


From Aurich in Oostvriesland


The virtuous lad EETJEN TIJMENS

Widow of RELEFF DENTINCK of Stedum

The announcement only was made at Stedum that LODEWIJK GROMMERS and EETJEN TIJMENS were betrothed in another place, where the marriage was also to take place. And where was that "other place:? In the above-mentioned proclamation it was mentioned that LODEWIJK GROMMERS came from Aurich. Supposedly the marriage was solemnized in the town of the groom, since at that time it was customary to do so. Neither the Curator of Aurich nor the author of this book have been able to find any record of this marriage, so it has not yet been determined where our first ancestors were married. Investigation in the archives of Aurich has been more than once disappointing, as no information was found concerning our ancestor Ė neither his birth nor his stay there. Probably he stayed a very short time in the capital of Oostvrieslant.

Where and when the first LODEWIJK GROMMERS was born must perhaps remain an unsolved puzzle (see Introduction, Sub I, with regard to "origin of the family" reference.) Nor is there anything relevant known about his next of kin. Going by the names of the children of LODEWIJK GROMMERS and EETJEN TIJMENS (see Second Generation), it is very likely that his parents were named ADAM (GRUMMER) and HESTER, and further, that DERCK ADAMS, who in 1694 obtained a "small citizenship" of the city of Groningen, was married to GRIETJEN GERRITS, to whom in April, 1688, a daughter HESTER was born, was his brother. It is also likely that HINDRICK GROMMER of Loppersum (see Introduction, Sub 3) must have been his uncle. Moreover this uncle had a son by the name of DERCK also. Nothing about our ancestor is known with certainty concerning the years before this marriage.

There are many more things known about our ancestors EETJEN TYMEN. She was the daughter of TYMEN HAYKES and his wife AELTIEN of Stedum. Exactly where she was born was not recorded, since the baptism and marriage registers of Stedum date back no further than 1666, and EETJEN must have been born before that year. The first mention of her in the church registers of Stedum is that, on the 4th of March 1669, "after foregoing confession of faith," she was accepted as a member of the Reformed Church of Jesu Christi at that place. Assuming that EETJEN made confession of faith when she was 18 or 19 years, old, then we can conclude that she was born around 1650. On the 4th of March, 1674, EETJEN TYEMNS (or TIMONS, as this name later became generally known) married ROEDLOF JANSEN DENTINGG (or DENTINCK) of Vries. From that marriage were born four children.

EETJEN TYMENS became a widow, in November 1683 remarried, to our ancestor LODEWIJK GROMMERS. About this marriage, and the children born out of it ample information will be given later, of course. A second time EETJEN TYMENS became a widow, and again remarried, on the 5th of December 1697, with ARENT JANS COCHELIJN (or COLINCK, or KOKELINGH, or KOOCHELINGH). (EEJTEN must have been about 25 years older than her third husband.)

After the marriage of LODEWIJK GROMMERS and EETJEN TIMONS in November, 1683, the couple evidently settled in Stedum; their first child was born there the following year. Which profession LODEWYCK GROMMERS, or what his business or job has been, no indications are known. It is certain that the couple lived within the village of Stedum in 1691, and not somewhere in the surrounding area. on the list of members, which pastor Johannes Calmes started, his first visit (1691) was recorded. Among those that lived "int loegh" appears the name EETJEN TIMONS, wife of LODEWIJK GROMMERS. Also the sisters of EETJEN, vkz. Aechtien Timons, widow of Simen Jans and Petertien Timons, wife of Warner Jans ("wedman") lived "intloegh." LODEWIJK GROMMERSí name was not on the list; this indicates that apparently he was not a member, that is, a communicant member, of the Reformed Church. EETJEN TIMONS has evidently not been able to tie her second husband to her church, but later, with her third husband, again they were joint members.

When LODEWIJK GROMMERS died has not been determined, since in those days there were no death registers. Apparently nobody had the task of making or keeping such a registration.

In March 1693 LODEWIJK GROMMERS was still alive, because in the membership records EETIN TIMONS was still recorded as "wife of L. GROMMERS." (That his first name was shortened and only mentioned with the initial "L." was very remarkable; a second indication we never saw again!) His widow EETIEN remarried in December 1796; then we cannot be far from the date that LODEWIJK GROMMERS, our first ancestor, deceased around 1695. From the membership registers of the church in Stedum, we found the following interesting note from the Rev. Calmes:

"September 12, 1697 Ė the Lordís Supper was again held and a few members were absent, one of them EETIN, widow of LODEWIJK GROMMERS, who travelled to Oost-Vrieslant." This journey, which she made not quite for a pleasure trip, was begun by the widow of LODEWIJK GROMMERS shortly before her marriage to ARENT JANS KOOCKELINGH, which took place in December 1697. What the purpose and the result of this journey was, who knows?

Also the year of the death of EETIN TIMONS is only to be figured out. On December 1714, she was present at the wedding of her son MARTINUS GROMMERS. On January 18, 1722, her third husband KOOCKELINGH remarried. Accepted then that EETIEN TIMONS, our first-known ancestress, deceased around 1718.



LODEWIJK GROMMERS and EETIEN TIMONS had four children, all born in Stedum, one of whom was our ancestor, MARTINUS, who was baptized in November, 1689.

Of the four children to LODEWIJK GROMMERS and EETINE TIMONS, only MARTINUS was left to carry on the family name. (In this connection, mention should be made, that in the next five generations it always depended upon one person to carry on the family name.)

MARTINUS seemed to have left Stedum at a youthful age and he became a "writer" in Groningen. On November 22, 1714, he was granted "little citizenship" of Groningen. On December 27, 1714, he married CATRYNA ENTRAP in the Nieuwe Kerk of Groningen.

MARTINUS GROMMERS and CATRYNA ENTRUP lived after their marriage at Ebbinge-bend. If we are informed in another document that their house stood between Ebbingestreet and Botteringestreet, it leaves almost no doubt that that house must have stood at what is now called the "Groote Spilsluizen" Southside, close to the present Ebbingebridge. Everything indicates that No. 6 Groote Spilsluizen, where a cooperís workshop is now located, is a little house, in which MARTINUS GROMMERS lived, and where he, in 1719, around 29 years of age, died. In this house his widow, after the death of her husband, was taken into the guild of "merchants and dealers," operated a retailshop, and in which she died in 1720, a year after her Husbandís death.

A week later, namely on the 21st of November 1720, an inventory was made of the house and goods by the Sheriff and guardians at the home of the late CATRYNA ENTRUP, widow of MARTINUS GROMMERS. This document, which portrays a part of the intimate life of the deceased, we allow ourselves to mention the inventory in its entirety, considering this will only be read by a very limited circle of their descendents.



In the Act of Guardianship is listed the minor children of MARTINUS GROMMERS and CATRYNA ENTRUP. Going by the baptismbooks of Groningen, however, only one child was born out of this marriage, viz. LODEWIJK, baptized on the 17th of September, 1715 in "Draa Church" at Groningen by Pastor Temmen. A second child was not mentioned in that baptismbook. After all, MARTINUS GROMMERS made no mention of a second child in the family-register he started by himself. Which does not prove that there was no second child; indeed this child could have been born during the fatherís illness or even after his death. Howbeit, the existence of a second child has not been evident, so that we kept our attention only on the little LODEWIJK. Of the years of his youth after being left without parents at hardly 5 years of age, we do not know. We meet him again for the first time in Stedum, in the churchregister, where the following announcement appears:

January 9, 1737. "The hon. LODEWIJK GROMMERS of Stedum

and the hon. JANTJEN ENGBERTS of

Uythuystermeeden are married after

legal information and announcements

or attest has been made at Uythuyster-


(In this announcement it states ENGBERTS; this should be ENGELBERTS.)

LODEWIJK GROMMERS succeeded his father-in-law ENGELBERT before his father-in-law died, as "wedman" of Uithuizermeeden. In 1744, we often read of him as "the wedman" or the "wedman GROMMERS".

A.A. Beekman, in his book, already mentioned before, "The Dike and Waterrights in Netherland," says the wedmen (or werdemen) were employed witnesses in the Court of Ommelanden. The wedman had a duty to observe unlawful facts and to report them to the "redger" and produce witnesses. Mr. J.A. Feith says somewhere, that the wedman was the man who did "were", someone like the sheriffís officer on our days. - - To which of the tow definitions we would like to add that a wedman in those days was a village-councilman par excellence, the forerunners of the later mayors, you might say. Usually the most distinguished person of that village was chosen, whatever his duty, trade, or profession might be.

Husbandman (or farmer) was also LODEWIJK GROMMERSí trade, although we do not know if he did this in cooperation with his father-in-law or independently. He possessed land in Middelstum also, according to a lease we have, dated 9 February, 1768.

LODEWIJK (MARTINUSí son) GROMMERS, WEDMAN, DIED ON August 5, 1765, at Uithuizermeeden. His tombstone has not been found, that is to say, Mr. Feith and his associates did not make mention of it in their earlier mentioned book, "Gravescripts." They do mention the stone on the grave of JANTJEN ENGELBERTS. By the tower of Uithuizermeeden is a tombstone with the following inscription:

"1776, the 16th of May, the Honorable JOHANNA ENGELBERTS, widow of the

Late and Honorable LODEWIJK GROMMERTS, in life farmer on the Meenden,

Died in the Lord at the age of 65 years, and is buried here."



Out of the union of LODEWIJK GROMMERS and JANTJEN ENGELBERTS, ten children were born. Our ancestor, ENGELBERTUS, was born May 4, 1742. Of the ten children, only three reached maturity and married.

In the church marriage-registers of Uithuizermeeden we find, under the date of January 31, 1767:

"registered ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS of the Meden and


late HENDRICK GEERTS of Oldehove."

And in the marriage-register of Oldehove:

1767, the 31st of January ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS of

Uithuistermeden and


of Appingedam, widow of


this city 22 February 1767

with attestation of Uithuister-


This announcement was published three times, the first time on February 1, 1767, the second time on February 8, 1767, and the third time on February 15, 1767. From this announcement we see that WENDLINA was born in Appingedam, or came from there, and that her fatherís name was TONNIS RHODIUS. Indeed we find in the church archives of Appingedam, that "the little daughter of TONNIS RODIUS and ETYDYNA CAMPING was baptized and named WENDELINA on the 19th of April, 1726."

WENDELINA became a widow and in 1767 remarried to ENGELBERTUS GROMERS. (At the time of the nuptial vows the bridegroom was 24, the bride 40 years of age!) It has been a puzzle where ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS and his wife went to live after their wedding. We do know, from an inscription in a silver spoon, that a son was born July 10, 1768; further we discovered from a document, that in 1779 they stayed in Noordhorn. If they had stayed in Oldehove after their marriage, then the baptism of their child born in 1768 should have been in the baptism registrations; had they settled in Noordhorn after their marriage, then the baptismbooks of that village would have confirmed the baptism of the child. Neither one nor the other was the case. Where then did ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS and WENDELINA RHODIUS go? We were occupied for a ling time with this problem. And finally, by coincidence, we found the answer. Snooping in the church archives of Middelstum, looking for something else, the following announcement came into view: "26 April 1767, admitted to the Lordís Supper with attestation from Oldenhoven WENDELINA TONNIS RODIUS, wife of ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS." And then: "baptized 17 July 1768, (born 10 July 1768) LODEWIJK, son of ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS and WENDELINA RODIUS." After their marriage at Oldehove, ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS and his wife must have lift immediately for Midelstum. At the same time, while they lived in Middelstum, JOHANNES AIKEMA and his wife CATHARINA GROMMERS were living there also. Could it be that the contemporary living of the two brothers-in-law at Middelstum had a connection with the fact that the heirs of LODEWIJK GROMMERS possessed farmlands at that place? After a while we shall see that ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS, when he lived in Noordhorn, was recorded as "merchant." Could it be that he, also in Middelstum, occupied himself with cattle raising and dealing? Taking into consideration that he was a younger son of a farmer and later (in 1780) bought himself a farm, this thought seems plausible.

How long ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS and his wife stayed at Meddelstum we have not been able to discovery: the membership records of the Middelstum church did not mention the names of those who left with an attestation to some other place, while there is, as far as Noordhorn is concerned, no such registration book in the State archives of Groningen. In 1779, when they bought a farmplace at Oldehove, they lived in Noordhorn, which is confirmed in the sale contract.

In May, 1780, they bought an estate near Englumborg, presently the farm estate "Englumstede."

WENDELINA RHODIUS died 11 December 1806. In the Registration of Corpses, 1806-1811" of Oldehove, is quoted a few words about her death:

"1806. The 17th December is notified that WENDELINA RODIUS died on

Thursday, 11 December, 80 years 8 months old - - was married to

ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS - - leaving her husband mentioned, a

Child (being a mature son) out of one marriage - - having lived at

Oldehove in the Village."

ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS did 27 December 1812. More than a year before, by a law of 18 August 1811, was established a new system of registration under the French occupation, viz. "the City Hall"; in contrast with the olden days, now an explicit formal document had to be made.



We already saw that ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS and WENDELINA RHODIUS, when they lived at Middelstum had a son who was born on the 10th of July 1768, who by baptism on the 17th of July 1768, was named LODEWIJK. No more children were born. When this son was 11 years old, he moved with his parents to "Englumstede", as this estate has been called since 1780.

From the marriage-registers at Noordhorn, we found the first announcement of the betrothal of LODEWIJK GROMMERS of Oldehove and ZYTSKE HOMAN on the 6th of March, and the third one on March 13th. Under the last announcement a note was made: "with attestation to Oldehove." This indicates that the wedding was to take place at Oldehove; however, the marriage-registers do not list this marriage. If the couple was married at Noordhorn, then the pastor neglected to register this marriage. It is not clear therefore if LODEWIJK GROMMERS and ZYTSKE HOMAN were married at Noordhorn or at Oldehove, or somewhere else.

Supposedly LODEWIJK GROMMERS and SYTSKE HOMAN came to live on "Englumstede" shortly after their marriage. Indeed, in 1806, WENDELINA RHODIUS died in town, from which we may conclude that the parents left "Englumstede" to make place for their children.

LODEWIJK GROMMERS and SYTSKE HOMAN both died at a rather youthful age. First SYTSKE passed away, viz. the 19th of November, 1805 (a little over a year before her mother-in-law); her husband followed on the 28th of June 1811 (one and a half years before the death of his father): on "Englumstede", fatally hit by lightning! No mention was made in the records of SYTSKE HOMANís death, since this occurred under the old system, when death-registrations did not exist. LODEWYCK GROMMERSí death occurred during what we could call a transition period (18-6-1811), when the bodies had to be notified to the minister and recorded by him. The very last recording the "Registration of Corpses" at Oldehove shows: "1811, the 28th of June. LODEWYCK GROMMERS died, nearly 43 years old, having lived at Oldehove, leaving 2 children." LODEWYCK GROMMERS and his wife are buried next to each other in the westside of the Netherlands Reformed Church of Oldehove.




From the marriage of LODWEIJK GROMMERS and SYTSKE HOMAN, two children were born, viz. WENDELINA, baptised 5 February 1797 and ENGELBERTUS, baptized 29 December, 1799. These two children (the two grandchildren of ENGERLBERTUS GROMMERS) lost their closest relations at a young age - - in 1805 their mother died, in 1806, their grandmother, in 1811, their father, and in 1812, their grandfather, so that they became orphans when 14 and 12 years old, respectively. If the "Englumstede" was leased out in those days, or they managed their own in regard to the minor orphans, we do not know.

ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS married on April 6th, 1828, at Oldehove, to HILTJE NIKEL HENDRIKS.

ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS and HILTJE (NIKEL) HENDRIKS lived on "Englumstede" till their deaths. Something should be mentioned here, viz. that in the year 1851, according to a notarized certificate of the 18th of March of that year before the Jurist Mr. Jacobus Johannes Cremers at Groningen, "the beautiful seats in the choir of the Eastsection of the Church at Oldehove, besides a voice in the collation of that church, etc." was purchased from Mrs. Maria Elisabeth Alberda van Menkema, wife of Mr. Jacobus Canter Cremers, for the sum of Fl. 125.--.

HILTJE HENDRIKS died 10 April 1864, 61 years old, and ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS died 28 September 1868, at the age of 68 years and 9 months. After settlement of the estate, their son HIELE became the owner of "Englumstede", while the "beautiful seats," as mentioned above, were granted (each 1/3) to the sons of LODEWIJK, ENGELBERTUS, and HIELE. These seats are still in the possession of a few members of the GROMMERS family at this moment; "Englumstede", however, went into different hands in 1882, after more than 100 years of uninterrupted occupation of four successive generations of our family.




Of the eight children who were born to ENGELBERTUS GROMMERS and HILTJE HENDRIKS at Oldehove, on "Englumstede", the seventh child, ENGELBERTUS LODEWIJK GROMMERS, is our ancestor. He was born on 27 October 1836 (died 12 January 1874, at Oldehove.) he was a farmer on Akkemaheerd," Oldehove, and was married to CORNELIA FRANSSENS, born 22 July 1840 as Saaksum (died 1919 at Lynden, Washington, U.S.A.), daughter of ABEL (DOUWES) FRANSSENS, farmer at Saaksum, and AATJE (EYES) FERINGA.




ENGELBERTUS LODEWIJK (ENGELBERTUSí) GROMMERS and CORNELI FRANSSENS became the parents of the following children:

AATJE GROMMERS, born 24 February 1861; died 2 August 1865, at Oldehove.

SYBRICH GROMMERS, born 15 February 1862; died 15 May, 1887, at Castalia, South Dakota, U.S.A.

HILTJE GROMMERS, born 10 May 1863; died 28 April 1922, at Lynden, Washington, U.S.A. Married 30 December 1886, at Charles Mix, South Dakota, to GEERT EDSKA DYKSTERHUIS.

ENGERLBERTUS LODEWIJK GROMMERS, born 13 September 1864; died 20 October 1867, at Oldehove.

ENGELBERTUS LODEWIJK GROMMERS, born 26 November 1867, married 12 January 1893 at Chancellor, South Dakota to ANNA DYKSTERHUIS (who died 15 January 1902) and then married to E J. VOORTHUIS.

ABEL GROMMERS, born 10 February 1870, married 12 March 1902 at Orange City, Iowa to HARMKE DOLFIN. (No children.)

AATJE GROMMERS, born 25 March 1872, married 25 March 1891 at Charles Mix, South Dakota, to MELLE MARTIN NIEVEEN, born 2 April 1863 at Groningen (died 13 December 1917 at Lynden, Washington), son of MARTIN MELLE NIEVEEN and MARTJE SMITH.

On January 12, 1874, ENGELBERTUS LODWEIJK GROMMERS died. His widow, CORNELIA FRANSSENS, sold the farm "Akkemaheerd," near Oldehove, in 1884 to SYBRANDUS HAACK and WENDELINA GROMMERS, and left with her five minor children for the United States of America, where they settled at "farmers" at Charles Mix, in the state of South Dakota. In 1903 GEERT DYKSTERHUIS and HILTJE GROMMERS left with their six children for Lynden, in the state of Washington (far Northwest of the U.S.A., close to the border of Canada), followed in 1905 by her mother CORNELIA FRANSSENS, AATJE GROMMERS and her husband MELLE NIEVEEN, also their four children, and by ABEL GROMMERS and his wife, HARMKE DOLFIN. ENGELBERTUS LODEWIJK GROMMERS left after his marriage from South Dakota to the neighbor-state of Iowa, where he and his family stayed for about seven years, and then returned to South Dakota in 1900, where they remained.



At this point, we leave the GROMMERS family name, as we trace the line of AATJE GROMMERS and MELLE NIEVEEN, the common ancestors of those for whom this particular book is being put together.

After their marriage MELLE NIEVEEN and AATJE (ENGELBERTUSí) GROMMERS farmed near Platte, South Dakota until 1905, when the family moved to Lynden, Washington. MELLE NIEVEEN was a farmer and carpenter, and in 1917, while building a new home for his family, he died on December 13, 1917, after a short illness. Soon after, AATJE moved to Lynden and her son MARTIN NEIVEEN and his wife ANNA rented the farm for a time. The farm was sold in 1926. AATJE GROMMERS NEIVEEN died at the home of her daughter MATTIE ZOET on June 21, 1941.

Four children were born to MELLE NIEVEEN and AATJE GROMMERS:

CORNELIA NIEVEEN, born December 20, 1892; died February 15, 1971.

MATTIE NIEVEEN, born October 22, 1894.

MARTIN MELLE NIEVENN, born December 7, 1897; died March 12, 1972.

SYLVIA NIEVEEN, born December 16, 1904.






CORNELIA NIEVEEN married FREDERIK E. BRUNE, (born 4 May 1889 at Arum (Fr.), son of BERNARD BRUNE and TJITSKE DYKSTRA), on September 8, 1914, at Lynden, Washington. She had spent part of her school years in South Dakota, and attended the Riverside Grade School in the Lynden area after the family moved to the Pacific Northwest. After graduating from the Riverside school, she spent her teen years in the Lynden area. Following her marriage, she and her husband FRED BRUNE established their home in the Northwood area, where Fred worked at the mill. In 1916 a forest fire was raging through the vicinity, and they lost their home, although most of the furniture was saved. Lost in the fire, however, was one of CONRELIAís prized possessions, a silver tea service that her Grandmother Grommers had given her, as well as some pictures which she valued. From there, they moved to Skykomish, Washington, where they lived for eight years before moving back to the Lynden area, where Fred worked in the whey plant. CORNELIA was kept busy raising her family. It was hard for her to see three of her sons enter the armed forces, and she prayed much for them. She advised her four sons and her daughter, praying diligently for them, and it is a tribute to her that they are all successful in their chosen work and well respected. On February 15, 1871, her work on earth was done, and the Lord called her home.

Five children were born to CORNELIA NIEVEEN and FREDERIK E. BRUNE:

BERNARD ERNEST BRUNE, born July 28, 1915; married MARY (LOUISí) MINK (born September 14, 1915), on May 1, 1943.

MELVIN MARTIN BRUNE, born February 25, 1917; married WILMA (CHARLESí) SCHEMPER (born January 17, 1917), on August 27, 1935.

ARTHUR DELMAR BRUNE, born November 11, 1919; married TOSCA VANDERBERG (born August 3, 1926) on December 16, 1960.

FREDERICK ALLEN BRUNE, born October 23, 1925; married RUTH (JOHNíS) PITZEN (born February 29, 1928O, on March 31, 1951.

AUDREY RUTH BRUNE, born August 31, 1933; married JOHN (HOVARTíS) VAN WEERDHUIZEN (born September 23, 1929) on September 27, 1952.

As this book is being compiled, FREDERIK E. BRUNE, widower of CORNELIA NIEVEEN, is living in the Lynden Christian Rest Home in Lynden.


MATTIE NIEVEEN, second daughter of AATJE GROMMERS and MELLE MARTIN NIEVEEN, was born in Charles Mix County, South Dakota. She started her elementary education in South Dakota, moving at the age of nine to the Lynden, Washington area, where she completed her elementary education. She met ARIE ZOET in 1913, when he was employed on her fatherís farm. They were married March 26, 1914. They lived together to celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary. They farmed near Lynden for twelve years, then moved to Yarrow, British Columbia, for a few years to farm there. After two or three years, they moved back to the Lynden area, farming there once more. Illness forced them to give up farming and move into town (Lynden).

In the space of these years five children were born to this union. The youngest, VIOLA ZOET, was born deaf. This lead them to pack up once more and move to Vancouver, Washington, where they could be near Viola as she went to a special school. While living in Vancouver, MATTIE worked as a cook at the State School for the Deaf. While living in Vancouver, MATTIE had two sons and two sons-in-law in the service of their country, this being during World War II. After her children had returned safely and the War was over, they once more returned to the Lynden area.

In 1969, MATTIE lost her youngest daughter (VIOLA) to cancer. At the same time, her health began to decline and she moved into the Christian Rest Home in Lynden. Her husband joined her there, and at this writing she resides there. She has been blessed with thirteen grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. MATTIE says, "The good years have been more than the bad. The Lord has surely blessed me."

MATTIE worked with two doctors in Lynden, and was midwife at the birth of about fifty babies.

The five children of MATTIE NIEVEEN and ARIE ZOET are:

ADRIANNA ALBERTA ZOET, born August 17, 1915; married FREDERICK RICHARD MATHER (born November 24, 1906, died May 6, 1958.)

HARVEY MELVIN ZOET, born February 19, 1918, married LUCILLE MERKLE; they were divorced. HARVEY remarried, BERNICE LEWIS, (born September 26, 1924.)

MILDRED JANE ZOET, born March 10, 1025, married GERRIT DONALD LIKKEL, born December 5, 1920.)

VIOLA MAE ZOET, born June 17, 1930, married RUEMONT MAULER, (born May 23, 1918); died July 26, 1969.


MARTIN MELLE NIEVEEN, third child and only son of AATJE GROMMERS and MELLE MARTIN NIEVEEN, had most of his schooling at the Timon School in the Lynden area. He helped his father on the family farm, and he and his wife, ANNA HAVEMAN, took over the farm when his parents moved into town. After farming for a few years, MARTIN worked at logging for awhile, and then worked at Western Washington Farmers Co-Op for thirty-five years.

MARTIN organized and coached girlsí softball games in Lynden, being active with this for several years. His daughter ADA was a player on his team. He also umpired baseball games in the community.

MARTIN loved hunting and fishing, and played a lot of pool at friendsí homes, after he retired. He died suddenly on March 12, 1972, on the day his daughter ELIZABETH and her husband GLEN PETTIT were being honored with an open house at MARTIN and ANNAís home in honor of their twenty-fifth anniversary. MARTINís widow, ANNA HAVEMAN says "I am just a housekeeper; go to Ladiesí Aide, Homemakerís Club, Jolly Minglers, and a Birthday Club." She still resides in their family home in Lynden.

MARTIN NIEVEEN and ANNA HAVEMAN had three girls; the first one living for only a few hours, on September 1, 1919.

ELIZABETH NIEVEEN was born December 7, 1920 and is married to GLEN REINEIR PETTIT, (born August 13, 1920.)

ADA NIEVEEN was born October 27, 1925.


SYLVIA NIEVEEN, the youngest of the children of AATJE GROMMERS and MELLE MARTIN NIEVEEN, was a baby when the family moved from South Dakota to Washington State. She grew up in the Lynden area, and had her schooling at the Timon and Lynden Christian Schools. She worked as an egg candler at the Co-Op prior to her marriage to CORNELIUS SLOTEMAKER. They made their first home in Ferndale, Washington. After a few years they moved to Lynden, and later moved to a home on the Van Buren Road, between Lynden and Sumas. On December 8, 1941, NEIL was seriously injured in a logging accident, from which he never fully recovered. He died September 19, 1952. After a few years, SYLVIA moved back to Lynden and worked as a cook at the Christian Rest Home for eight years. Taking courage and strength from her strong personal faith and trust in the Lord, SYLVIA raised her family of six children, guiding and instructing them with love and prayers. She now resides in Lynden in a lovely mobile home; although her children did not grow up in this mobile home, they still consider it "home," when they visit their mother: "home" is mother. SYLVIA enjoys a fairly active retirement, keeping busy with activities at church, they Lynden Senior Center, visiting children and grandchildren, and crocheting.

The six children born to SYLVIA NIEVEEN and CORNELIUS SLOTEMAKER are:

ARLENE CLARA SLOTEMAKER, born April 20, 1929; married LESLIE HOWARD BARRY, (born March 26, 1929, died November 28, 1962.)

JOHN SLOTEMAKER, born December 12, 1930; married SHIRLEY L. WILDER, (born January 30, 1933.)

MATHILDA RUTH SLOTEMAKER, born December 12, 1934; married HENRY HERSHBERGER (born July 24, 1923.)

MELVIN NEIL SLOTEMAKER, born March 18, 1939; married JUDY ANN FLETCHER (born December 18, 1941.)

IVAN LEE SLOTEMAKER, born November 14, 1940.

GERALD ROY SLOTEMAKER, born October 26, 1943; married JANE ALICE WHITCHER, (born May 9, 1946.)





BERNARD E. BRUNE was born July 28, 1915 at Everson, Washington. From 1917 to 1927, he lived with his parents at Skykomish, Washington, moving from there to Lynden, graduating from Lynden High School in 1933. Following employment in the CCC at Bacon Creek and Index, Washington, he attended college in Bellingham for one year. He served with the United States Coast Guard from 1937 to 1957, retiring to Lynden. While in the Service, he married MARY (LOUISí) MINK in San Francisco on May 1, 1943. FREDERICK was born to them in San Francisco in 1944, CONSTANCE in Oakland in 1946, JUDITH in Seattle in 1948, KATHLEEN in Seattle in 1950, and MARY ALYCE in Seattle in 1952. Following retirement, BERNARD and MARY taught for two years in British Columbia, Canada. He returned to college and upon graduation, returned to the teaching profession. They have settled in Lynden.

MEVLIN M. BRUNE was born February 25, 1917 at Lynden, Washington. Following his birth, he lived with his parents at Skykomish until 1927, when they returned to Lynden. He graduated from Lynden High School in 1935. He worked for some time at the Biesheuval Abattior in Lynden, and in 1936 he married WILMA (CHARLESí) SCHEMPER, to whom were born SHARON in 1943 and DENNIS in 1946, both in Mt. Vernon. During the War years, he was employed in the Kaiser Shipyards of Vancouver, moving from there to Mt. Vernon, where he was employed locally. He obtained a position with the Shell Oil Company upon the opening of the refinery at Anacortes. MELVIN and WILMA live in Mt. Vernon.

ARTHUR D. BRUNE was born November 11, 1919 at Lynden, Washington, living until 1927 at Skykomish, moving then to Lynden where he graduated from high school in 1937. He served during World War II in the Army Air Force in the States and in the Philippines. Following the war he attended and graduated from the University of Washington as an economist. He served for some time, the State of Washington Tax Revenue Unit, later setting up a private business as tax consultant. He then became employed by the United States Internal Revenue Service. In 1960 he was married to TOSCA VANDEN BERG, to whom were born DOUGLAS in 1961 at Lynden, and MONICA in 1963 at Riverside, California. They now reside in Portland, Oregon.

FREDERICK A. BRUNE was born October 23, 1925 in Skykomish, Washington. He moved to Lynden in 1927 and graduated from high school there in 1944. He served with the United States Navy until the end of World War II, and then attended and graduated from the University of Washington Applied Physics Research Laboratory. In 1951 he was married to RUTH (JOHNíS) PITZEN, to whom were born ANNETE in 1952 at Spokane, ALANE in 1954 at Great Falls, Montana, JOHN IN 1956 AT Seattle, JAMES in 1958 at Seattle, VICTOR in 1961 at Seattle, and CELESE in 1963 at Seattle.

AUDREY R. BRUNE was born August 28, 1933 in Lynden. Following graduation from Lynden Christian High School in 1949, she studied for and became a legal secretary. In 1952 she was married to JOHN (HOVARTíS) VAN WEERDHUIZEN, to whom were born JEFFREY in 1953 at Lynden, VICKI in 1956 at Lynden, PATRICIA in 1958 at Lynden, and MICHAEL in 1966 at Bellingham. JOHN and AUDREY live near Lynden.



ADRIANNA ALBERTA ZOET was the firstborn of MATTIE and ARIE. She was born on a farm near Lynden. She began her elementary education near Lynden, with a few years in Yarrow, British Columbia, and then back to Lynden, finishing elementary at Lynden Christian and high school at Lynden High. She then attended Normal School (now Western Washington State College). At this time she went to work as office manager for Elenbaas Dairy, a position she held for 10 years. While on vacation one year, she met FRED MATHER. They were married in March of 1943. FRED being from the Chicago area, they moved there to make their home. She continued working in her chosen field and filling in by attending classes at the University. Her husband died suddenly in 1958. At this writing, she is working as an office manager for Florshiem Shoes in Chicago, a position she has held for more than 20 years. She now lives in Naperville, Illinois.

HARVEY MELVIN ZOET was also born on a farm near Lynden. He began his education in Lynden, then to Yarrow, B.C., and back to Lynden to graduate from high school there. After high school he became interested in sheet metal work, moving to Seattle to work at this trade. This was interrupted by World War II, and time in the Army. He was sent to the Pacific theater of operations. After coming home from the service, he resumed his work as a sheet metal worker. He married before he went in the service, of that marriage he had a son and a daughter, HARVEY DENNIS ZOET (born in 1944) and CHERYL LINDA ZOET (born in 1947.) HARVEY is now Secretary-Treasurer of his Sheet Metal Union, and is living in Vancouver, Washington, with his second wife, BERNICE LEWIS.

ARNOLD JOHN ZOET is the third child of MATTIE and ARIE. He began his education in Yarrow, B.C., completing it in Lynden Christian and Lynden High Schools. After high school he was married to AUGUSTA STARKENBURG and went to Seattle to work. World War II came, and he also went into the service. He served a time in the U.S. and also in Japan. Coming home, he and his wife made their home in Sumas, Washington, where he had a milk delivery route and served as a deputy sheriff. Their five children were born while they lived at Sumas. CAROL JANE ZOET was born in 1946, JUDITY ARLENE ZOET was born in 1947, JEAN ADELE ZOET was born in 1948, ELLYN FRANCES ZOET was born in 1952, and HOWARD EDWARD ZOET as born in 1958. ARNOLD is now employed with a travel trailer company doing sales and service work. They are now living in Anacortes, Washington.

MILDRED JANE ZOET was also born on a farm near Lynden. She attended Lynden Christian School and Lynden High. She moved with her parents to Vancouver, Washington. While living there, she was married to GERRIT LIKKEL. He too was in the Army, so she followed him to New York state and Mississippi. After he was out of the service, they moved back to Lynden to make their home. Three of their children were born there. They then moved to Yakima County, Washington, living there for 10 years. Two more children were born at this time. Once more moving back to Lynden to make their home. MILDRED has worked at various jobs of sales and service type, but is now at home enjoying her husband, children, grandchildren. "The Lord has been good to our family." The children born to MILDRED and GERRIT in Lynden are VEDA ANN LIKKEL in 1948, IRIS JUNE LIKKEL in 1949, and MARC WILLIAM in 1951; born in Yakima County were MARY ELLEN LIKKEL in 1955 and JILL ADELE LIKKEL in 1957.

VIOLA MAE ZOET was born in 1930 after MATTIE and ARIE moved back into Lynden. She was born deaf, or became so in her first year. VIOLA started school in Lynden Christian, then went to the School for the Deaf in Vancouver, Washington. After finishing high school there, she came back to Lynden. She was married to RUEMONT MAULER, then moving to Bellingham. VIOLA and RUEMONT lived in Bellingham about 12 or 13 years. A daughter, DELLA MAULER was born at this time. While living there, VIOLA attended school learning business machines. They moved to Vancouver, RUEMONT being employed at the School for the Deaf. VIOLA found employment at a Data Processing Company in Portland, Oregon. In 1969, VIOLA had an operation for cancer. She died of the cancer in July of the same year. Her husband and DELLA are still living near Vancouver, Washington.



ELIZABETH NIEVEEN is married to GLEN RENIER PETTIT, who is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She works for her husband, keeping the business books in his office. They started the business alone, and now have a new clinic in Ferndale with five doctors, 4 girls, one technician and ELIZABETH as bookkeeper. Their children are DELORES ANN, NICKOLAS BISHOP, and BLENDA RAE.

ADA NIEVEEN worked in the grade school cafeteria in Lynden and also drove school bus morning and evening, after she was out of high school then she started working for Dr. Cook as a dental assistant, for 21 years. She is now a Dental instructor at Bellingham Vocational School she has been there for 6 years. ADA resides in Lynden.



ARLENE CLARA SLOTEMAKER attended Lynden Christian Grade School and graduated from Lynden High School in 1947, entering Western Washington College of Education the following fall. While attending college, she married LESLIE BARRY and had two children, after which she finished her college education. She taught in Monroe prior to her present position at Snohomish High School, where she teaches English and Journalism. Her husband passed away in 1962. ARLENEís children are SCOTT HOWARD BARRY, born in 1949, and LINDA JO BARRY, born in 1952.

JOHN SLOTEMAKER, who is called JACK, graduated from Nooksack Valley High School in 1948, and joined the Army in 1951. On August 6, 1951, he married SHIRLEY (LAVERNíS) WILDER. He was sent to Germany, and in September, 1952 was called home by the serious illness of his father. When he was mustered out of the Army, they settled in Eugene, Oregon, where he worked for Darigold. After three years, the family moved to Burlington, Washington, and he is presently working for Dairy Valley. Jack has been active in forming and coaching Little League teams in the Burlington area. He and SHIRLEY have five children: DEAN ALAN SLOTEMAKER, born in Eugene in 1954, JOHN SLOTEMAKER, born in Eugene in 1954, NANCY JEAN SLOTEMAKER, born in Mt. Vernon, Washington in 1956, JACKIE MARIE SLOTEMAKER, born in Burlington in 1961, and MICHELE LYN SLOTEMAKER, born in Burlington in 1970.

RUTH SLOTEMAKER graduated from Nooksack Valley High School in 1952, and entered St. Josephís School of Nursing. After her graduation she worked one year and then went to Multnomah School for a year. While attending school, she also nursed in a Portland Hospital. After that she spent a short time in Cuba and Haiti, and then in Chiapas, Mexico, where she had her Jungle Camp training. It was there that she met HENRY (DANíS) HERSHBERGER, who became her husband in October 1959. A year later they went to Australia, where they are working under Wycliffe Bible Translators. RUTH and HANK have three children: DANIEL RAY, who was born in North Dakota in 1960, CAROL SUE, born in Australia in 1962, and STEVEN DAN, born in Australia in 1965.

MELVIN NEIL SLOTEMAKER graduated from Nooksack Valley High School in 1957. He worked at Boeing in Seattle for awhile, and attended Skagit Valley Junior College. He joined the United States Air Force in 1961, the same year in which he was married to JUDY ANN (CHARLESí) FLETCHER. They spent a year stationed in San Angelo, Texas, where a son, JEFFREY SCOTT SLOTEMAKER, was born in 1962. MEL spent 18 months in Turkey as part of his military service. Upon his return, the family spent another year in Texas, this time in Waco, where SHERYL ANN SLOTEMAKER was born in 1964. MEL and JUDY returned to the Lynden area to settle after his discharge from the Air Force. Their third child, MICHAEL WADE SLOTEMAKER, was born in Bellingham in 1967. MEL works at Darigold in Lynden.

IVAN LEE SLOTEMAKER graduated from Nooksack Valley High School in 1958, then worked at Boeing in Seattle for one year. After that he attended Western Washington College of Education for a year and a half, then transferring to the University of Washington, where he was graduated in 1964. He joined the Army Reserves, serving active time until November 1964 at Fort Knox, Kentucky. In January 1965, he moved to the San Francisco area, to take a position with the U.S. Government as a National Bank Examiner. IVAN is presently residing in Kentfield, California.

GERALD ROY SLOTEMAKER graduated from Lynden High School in 1961. Following high school, he entered Western Washington State College, interrupting his college education to serve four years in the U.S. Air Force. He was based in Omaha, Nebraska where he met JANE (PAGEíS) WITCHER, who became his wife in July, 1971. Following his discharge from the Air Force, JERRY returned to W.W.S.C, graduating in December, 1970. He returned to Omaha in January, 1971, and has married and settled in Omaha. JERRY was an accounting clerk for ConAgra Feeds and Armour Packing Company. He presently keeps things moving at the U.S. Post Office. JERRY and JANE have three children, AMY RUTH SLOTEMAKER, born June 26, 1974, JAMES CORNELIUS SLOTEMAKER, born April 23, 1976, and DANIEL PAGE SLOTEMAKER, born September 23, 1982.





FREDERICK LOUIS BRUNE was born August 8, 1944, attended schools in Seattle, Port Angeles, and Lynden, graduating from Lynden Christian High School in 1962. He was married to PATRICIA (DONALDíS) ANDERSEN in January, 1967. They live in Oakland, California, where he is employed by Bell Telephone Company. They have two daughters, KATHLEEN MARY BRUNE, born September 20, 1967, and KAREN DIANNE BRUNE, born April 29, 1971.

CONSTANCE JOAN BRUNE was born August 16, 1946, attended schools in Port Angeles and Lynden, graduating from Lynden Christian High in 1964. She attended Calvin College and Blodgett Hospital to become a Registered Nurse, and graduated from Loretta Heights in Denver, receiving her B.S. She is employed in Denver, and married to WILLIAM SMIT. They have one daughter, AMY LYNN SMIT, born December 3, 1975.

JUDITH LYNN BRUNE, born July 31, 1948, attended schools in Port Angeles and Lynden, graduating from Lynden Christian High in 1966. She attended Calvin College and Western Washington State College, graduating in 1974, and has nearly completed her work for her Masterís degree. She is presently teaching Economics in Port Angeles High School

KATHLEEN GAYLE BRUNE, born July 1, 1950, attended school in Lynden, graduating from Lynden Christian High in 1968. After attending Calvin College and graduating from Detroit University, she is employed as a computer programmer in Muskegon, Michigan, where her husband DAVID (HAROLDíS) BOSSENBROEK, an attorney, is assistant to the county prosecutor.

MARY ALYCE BRUNE was born May 24, 1952, attended school in Lynden, graduating from Lynden Christian High in 1969. Graduating from Calvin College in 1972, she was married to WILLIAM (GERBENíS) VAN DYK, a law student at LaVerne University, LaVerne, California, where she is employed as a librarian.




SHARON LEE BRUNE, born October 10, 1943, attended school in Mt. Vernon, and graduated from Western Washington State College. She and her husband, JAMES DIXON, whom she married on August 21, 1964, taught for a time in Newhalem, Washington. She is presently teaching in Bellingham, where her husband is employed by Wilson Motor Company.

DENNIS MELVIN BRUNE, born May 17, 1946, attended school in Mt. Vernon, and graduated from Western Washington State College. He was married in 1966 to NEVA SCHMIDT, to whom were born sons NOEL, December 30, 1966, and CRAIG, November 17, 1968. He was divorced and married to LINDA, and is presently teaching in Anacortes.



DOUGLAS ARTHUR BRUNE was born September, 1961.

MONICA TOSCA BRUNE was born August 4, 1963.


ANNETTE LOUISE BRUNE was born August 4, 1952, and following graduation from high school, has been attending Central Washington State College. She was married to PAUL EVANS in 1975.

ALANE MARIE BRUNE, was born July 13, 1954. Following graduation from high school, she has been employed in Seattle.

JOHN FREDERICK BRUNE, born December 19, 1956, has been employed in Seattle since graduating from high school

JAMES MARTIN BRUNE, born August 21, 1958, following high, is employed in Seattle.

VICTOR ALLEN BRUNE was born November 24, 1961.

CELESE BRUNE was born August 8, 1963.




JEFFREY VAN WEERDHUIZEN, born August 29, 1953, following graduation from Lynden Christian High School, was married to DIANE MELTON. They have two daughters, CHRISTINE, born December 11, 1971, and ROBIN, born August 31, 1975. Jeff is employed locally.

VICKI JOAN VAN WEERDHUIZEN, following graduation from Lynden Christian, was employed for a time in Denver, Colorado, and is presently employed locally.

PATRICIA RAE VAN WEERDHUIZEN, born January 30, 1958 was married to ROD VANDER VEEN following her high school education. They live in the Lynden area.

MICHAEL VAN WEERDHUIZEN, born July 23, 1966.



HARVEY DENNIS ZOET, born March 6, 1944, is a Roman Catholic priest, in Bremerton, Washington.

CHERLY LINDA ZOET, born February 5, 1947 is married to JAMES A. RUSSEL. They live in Vancouver, Washington with their two children, JENNIFER LEIGH RUSSEL, born October 5, 1972, and CAMERON JAMES RUSSEL, born November 11, 1975.


CAROL JANE ZOET, born February 27, 1946, received her teaching degree, and has married RICHARD PRESTON MAY. They live in Pullman, Washington with their three children: JAMES ISAAC MAY, born May 15, 1971; KEMBERLY MAY, born December 9, 1972; and PRESTON JOHN MAY, born July 28, 1975.

JEAN ADELE ZOET, born August 18, 1948, received her teaching degree, taught for a few years in the States, and is currently teaching at a mission station in Nigeria, Africa.

ELLYN FRANCES ZOET, born October 22, 1952, lives in Friday Harbor, Washington, and works on a ferry boat in the San Juan Islands.

HOWARD EDWARD ZOET, born February 16, 1958, lives at home in Anacortes, and has just completed high school.




VEDA ANN LIKKEL, born February 15, 1948, is married to JAMES ADRIAN SMITS. They reside in Ferndale, Washington with their two children, TAMMY ANN SMITS, BORN December 16, 1966, and JEFFERY JAMES SMITS, born October 30, 1969.

IRIS JUNE LIKKEL, born April 15, 1949, is married to DENNIS LeROY HAWKINSON. They live in Ferndale, Washington, and have two children, DENICE JOY HAWKINSON, born May 11, 1973, and JUSTIN DONALD HAWKINSON, born March 8, 1975.

MARC WILLIAM LIKKEL, born September 27, 1951, is living at home in Lynden after completing some years at Bible School. He works in Lynden.

MARY ELLEN LIKKEL, born January 26, 1955, is married to JAMES RALPH LANG. They live in Wenatchee, Washington.

JILL ADELE LIKKEL, born September 5, 1957, is a college student.




DELLA ANN MAULER, born January 25, 1958, resides in Vancouver, Washington, where she attends college.




DELORES ANN PETTIT is married to JOHN RICHARD PRICE. They were both teachers; she still substitutes in local schools when called, and JOHN is working for Intalco at Ferndale. They have two daughters, CHERYL MARLENE PRICE, born May 5, 1960, and KATHLEEN LOUSIE PRICE, born November 10, 1063.

NICKOLAS BISHOP PETTIT is married to LINDA CREWS. They live in Olympia with their son CHIRSTOPHER PETTIT, who was born December 24, 1974. NICK works for the State of Washington.

GLENDA RAE PETTIT lives in Bellingham, and is a bookkeeper for the cement plant.




SCOTT HOWARD BARRY, born November 6, 1949, is a News Editor of the Fairbanks newspaper. He lives in Fairbanks, Alaska.

LINDA JO BARRY, born May 31, 1952, lives in Seattle and works in the office of St. Francis Cabrini Hospital.



DEAN ALAN SLOTEMAKER was born August 11, 1953 in Eugene, Oregon. A graduate of Central Washington State College, he lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex of Texas.

JOHN (JAKE) SLOTEMAKER, born September 26, 1954,  married CINDY MAE HEYNTSEN, with whom he had two fine boys, Jason and Joey, he then married JILL YOUNGREN DAHLSTEDT. As of 2001 still lives in Burlington. 

NANCY JEAN SLOTEMAKER, born September 15, 1956 in Mt. Vernon, lives in Kent, Washington.

JACKIE MARIE SLOTEMAKER, born in Burlington February 12, 1961, married JACK WESTON, lives in Marysville, Washington, has two fine boys, Christopher and Jeremy.

MICHELE LYN SLOTEMAKER, born in Burlington April 13, 1970, graduate of UPS and UW Law, lives in Seattle, Washington where she is a prosecutor for the City of Seattle.




DANIEL RAY HERSHBERGER was born in North Dakota July 22, 1960.

CAROL SUE HERSHBERGER was born in Australia September 12, 1962.

STEVEN DAN HERSHBERGER was born in Australia June 25, 1965.




JEFFREY SCOTT SLOTEMAKER was born in San Angelo, Texas, April 18, 1962.

SHERYL ANN SLOTEMAKER was born in Waco, Texas, September 15, 1964, married BILL CARTWRIGHT, lives in Ferndale, Washington

MICHAEL WADE SLOTEMAKER was born in Bellingham, December 18, 1967.



AMY RUTH SLOTEMAKER was born in Omaha, Nebraska, June 26, 1974.

JAMES CORNELIUS SLOTEMAKER was born in Omaha, Nebraska April 23, 1976.






I. CORNELIA NIEVEEN, born December 20, 1892, died February 15, 1971; married Sept. 8, 1914 to FREDERIK E. BRUNE, born May 4, 1889.


    1. BERNARD ERNEST BRUNE, born August 28, 1915; married on May 1, 1943 to MARY (LOUISí) MINK, (born September 14, 1915.)

A. FREDERICK LOUIS BRUNE, born August 6, 1944; married on January 6, 1967 to PATRICIA (DONALDíS) ANDERSEN, (born February 17, 1948.)

    1. KATHLEEN MARY BRUNE, born September 20, 1067.
    2. KAREN DIANE BRUNE, born April 29, 1971.
    1. CONSTANCE JOAN BRUNE, born August 16, 1946; married on January 2, 1971 to WILLIAM SMIT, (born July 17, 1945.)
    1. AMY LYNN SMIT, born December 12, 1975.

C. JUDITH LYNN BRUNE, born July 31, 1948.

    2. D. KATHLEEN GAYLE BRUNE, born July 1, 1950; married on June 16, 1970 to DAVID (HAROLDíS) BOSSENBROEK (born May 16, 1948.)
    1. MARY ALYCE BRUNE, born June 24, 1952; married on August 7, 1972 to WILLIAM (GERBENíS) VAN DYK (born February 26, 1949.)


2. MELVIN MARTIN BRUNE, born February 25, 1917; married on August 27, 1935 to WILMAN (CHARLESí) SCHEMPER, (born January 17, 1917.)

    1. SHARON LEE BRUNE, born October 10, 1943; married on August 21, 1964 to JAMES DIXON.
    2. DENNIS MELVIN BRUNE, born March 17, 1946; married on June 9, 1966 to NEVA SCHMIDT.
    1. NOEL BRUNE, born December 24, 1966.
    2. CRAIG BRUNE, born November 17, 1968.


3. ARTHUR DELMAR BRUNE, born November 11, 1919; married on December 16, 1960 to TOSCA VANDERBERG, (born August 3, 1926.

    1. DOUGLAS ARTHUR BRUNE, born September 19, 1961.
    2. MONICA TOSCA BRUNE, born August 4, 1963.


4. FREDERICK ALLEN BRUNE, born October 23, 1925; married on March 31, 1951 to RUTH (JOHNíS) PITZEN, (born February 29, 1928.)

    1. ANNETTE LOUISE BRUNE, born August 4, 1952; married on July 12, 1975 to PAUL EVANS.
    2. ALANE MARIE BRUNE, born July 13, 1954.
    3. JOHN FREDERICK BRUNE, born December 19, 1956.
    4. JAMES MARTIN BRUNE, born August 21, 1958.
    5. VICTOR ALLEN BRUNE, born November 24, 1961.
    6. CELESE BRUNE, born May 8, 1963.


5. AUDREY RUTH BRUNE, born August 31, 1933; married on September 27, 1952 to JOHN (HOVARTíS) VAN WEERDHUIZEN, (born September 23, 1929.)

    1. JEFFREY VAN WEERDHUIZEN, born August 29, 1953, married on August 2, 1971 to DIANE MELTON, (born February 23, 1955.)
    1. CHRISTINE VAN WEERDHUIZEN, born December 11, 1971.
    2. ROBIN VAN WEERDHUIZEN, born August 31, 1975.


B. VICKI JOAN VAN WEERDHUIZEN, born August 26, 1956.

C. PATRICIA RAE VAN WEERDHUIZEN, born January 28, 1958; married on June 28, 1975 to RODNEY VANDER VEEN.

D. MICHAEL VAN WEERDHUIZEN, born August 23, 1966.



  1. MATTIE NEIVEEN, born October 22, 1894; married on March 26, 1914 to ARIE ZOET, (born December 9, 1889; died June 30, 1972.)


    1. ADRIANNA ALBERTA ZOET, born August 17, 1915; married to FREDRICK RICHARD MATHER, (born November 24, 1906; died May 6, 1958.)

    3. HARVEY MELVIN ZOET, born February 19, 1918; married to LUCILLE MARKLE (divorced.) Married to BERNICE LEWIS, (born September 26, 1924.)
    1. HARVEY DENNIS ZOET, born March 6, 1944.
    2. CHERYL LINDA ZOET, born February 5, 1947; married to JAMES A. RUSSEL.
    1. JENIFFER LEIGH RUSSEL, born October 5, 1972.
    2. CAMERON JAMES RUSSEL, born November 11, 1975.


    1. ARNOLD JOHN ZOET, born August 12, 1920; married to AUGUSTA STARKENBURG, (born August 23, 1923.)
    1. CAROL JANE ZOET, born February 27, 1946.
    2. JUDITH ARLENE ZOET, born July 19, 1947; married to RICHARD PRESTON MAY.
    1. JAMES ISAAC MAY, born May 15, 1971.
    2. KEMBERLY MAY, born December 9, 1972.
    3. PRESTON JOHN MAY, born July 28, 1975.
    1. JEAN ADELE ZOET, born August 18, 1948.
    2. ELLYN FRANCES ZOET, born October 22, 1952.
    3. HOWARD EDWARD ZOET, born February 16, 1958.


    1. MILDRED JANE ZOET, born March 10, 1925; married to GERRIT DONALD LIKKEL, (born December 5, 1920.)
    1. VEDA ANN LIKKEL, born February 15, 1948, married to JAMES ADRIAN SMITS, (born October 10, 1945.)
    1. TAMMY ANN SMITS, born December 16, 1966.
    2. JEFFERY JAMES SMITS, born October 30, 1969.
    1. IRIS JUNE LIKKEL, born April 15, 1949; married to DENNIS LeROY HAWKINSON (born November 15, 1946.)
    1. DENICE JOY HAWKINSON, born May 11, 1973.
    2. JUSTIN DONALD HAWKINSON, born March 8, 1975.
    1. MARC WILLIAM LIKKEL, born September 27, 1951.
    2. MARY ELLEN LIKKEL, born January 26, 1955; married to JAMES RALPH LANG (born July 22, 1954.)
    3. JILL ADELE LIKKEL, born September 5, 1957.


    1. VIOLA MAE ZOET, born June 27, 1930, died July 26, 1969; married to RUEMONT MAULER (born May 23, 1918.)
    1. DELLA ANN MAULER, born January 25, 1958.



  1. MARTIN MELLE NIEVEEN, born December 7, 1897, died March 12, 1972; married on August 13, 1918 to ANNA HAVEMAN, (born September 10, 1898.)


    1. Baby girl, born September 1, 1919, died September 1, 1919.


    3. ELIZABETH NIEVEEN, born December 7, 1920; married on March 7, 1947 to GLEN RENIER PETTIT (born August 13, 1920.)
    1. DELORES ANN PETTIT, born March 15, 1939; married on October 31, 1959 to JOHN RICHARD PRICE (born May 7, 1936.)
    1. CHERYL MARLENE PRICE, born May 5, 1960.
    2. KATHLEEN LOUISE PRICE, born November 10, 1963.
    1. NICKOLAS BISHOP PETTIT, born October 3, 1943; married on September 13, 1963 to LINDA CREWS (born May 1, 1949.)
    2. GLENDA RAE PETTIT, born August 21, 1948.


    1. ADA NIEVEEN, born October 27, 1925.



  1. SYLVIA NIEVEEN, born December 16, 1904; married on March 10, 1927 to CORNELIUS SLOTEMAKER, (born January 10, 1902, died September 19, 1952.)


    1. ARLENE CLARA SLOTEMAKER, born April 20, 1929; married on April 22, 1949 to LESLIE HOWARD BARRY (born March 26, 1929, died November 28, 1962.)
    1. SCOTT HOWARD BARRY, born November 6, 1949.
    2. LINDA JO BARRY, born May 31, 1952.


    1. JOHN SLOTEMAKER, born December 12, 1930; married on August 6, 1951 to SHIRLEY WILDER, (born January 30, 1933.)
    1. DEAN ALAN SLOTEMAKER, born August 11, 1953.
    2. JOHN SLOTEMAKER, born September 26, 1954; married on April 18, 1975 to CINDY MAE HEYNTSEN, (born July 9, 1955.), married to JILL DAHLSTEDT, birthdate and wedding date unknown
    1. JASON EINAR SLOTEMAKER, born June 17, 1979.
    2. JOSEPH JOHN SLOTEMAKER, born November 10, 1981.
    1. NANCY JEAN SLOTEMAKER, born September 15, 1956.
    2. JACKIE MARIE SLOTEMAKER, born February 12, 1961; married to JACK E. WESTON on November 22, 1980.
    1. CHRISTOPHER JAY WESTON, born April 4, 1982.
    1. MICHELE LYN SLOTEMAKER, born April 13, 1970.


    1. MATHILDA RUTH SLOTEMAKER, born December 12, 1934; married on October 16, 1959 to HENRY HERSHBERGER, (born July 24, 1923.)
    1. DANIEL RAY HERSHBERGER, born July 22, 1960.
    2. CAROL SUE HERSHBERGER, born September 12, 1962.
    3. STEVEN DAN HERSHBERGER, born June 25, 1965.


    1. MELVIN NEIL SLOTEMAKER, born March 18, 1939; married on January 13, 1961 to JUDY ANN FLETCHER, (born December 18, 1941.)
    1. JEFFREY SCOTT SLOTEMAKER, born April 18, 1962, married ELLAINA JOY SLOAN, (born February 7, 1967.)
    1. KEVIN ANDREW SLOTEMAKER, born November 23, 1986.
    2. DAVID LANCE SLOTEMAKER, born October 25, 1993.
    1. SHERYL ANN SLOTEMAKER, born September 15, 1964, married on June 16, 1984 to WILLIAM HOWARD CARTWRIGHT, (born April 10, 1964.)
    2. MICHAEL WADE SLOTEMAKER, born December 18, 1967, married on July 1, 1989 to KAREN RENEE STERK, (born January, 1966.)
    1. QUINCY, born
    2. ARIANNA, born
    3. CALVIN, born


    1. IVAN LEE SLOTEMAKER, born November 14, 1940.

    3. GERALD ROY SLOTEMAKER, born October 26, 1943; married on July 16, 1971 to JANE ALICE WHITCHER, (born May 9, 1946.)
    1. AMY RUTH SLOTEMAKER, born June 26, 1974.
    2. JAMES CORNELIUS SLOTEMAKER, born April 23, 1976.
    3. DANIEL PAGE SLOTEMAKER, born September 23, 1982.

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