Waxahachie is probably the most 'colorful' town on the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex fringes. Due to its scenic nature Waxahachie has been used as a setting for dozens of movies, from Bonnie and Clyde (who got their start in nearby Midlothian) to Tender Mercies and Places in the Heart. The centerpiece of Waxahachie is its huge, ornate courthouse adorned with the carved images of a local girl who the sculptor used as a model and who he made look increasingly ugly as she increasingly spurned his affections. Waxahachie is the location of the most haunted place in Texas, the Catfish Plantation. And Scarborough Faire, a 16th century village with men in tights and wenches in tight tops barely constraining that which is usually tightly constrained. All this and more goes into making Waxahachie a very eccentric, very interesting town in Texas. Such as this day of May 17, 2003 when we visited Waxhachie to find the courthouse square area turned into a race track.

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Here we see one of the racers making the northwest turn in front of the Waxahachie courthouse.

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The Mini Grand Prix is a Waxahachie Lions Club operation sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America. Texans are the most rabid race fans in the United States. Texans race just about anything...horses, cows, lawnmowers, tractors, gators, outhouses, cars, little cars, motorbikes, mountain bikes, skates, turtles, frogs, snakes, baby carriages.

wax1.jpg (35818 bytes) The Daughters of the Confederacy gave this monument to the War of Northern Aggression to Waxahachie in 1912. A Confederate soldier stands atop the pinnacle with the Waxahachie courthouse rising behind him.
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According to the guy on the right, the guy on the left is his long lost cousin, both last named Langley. The Langley on the left was making an announcement inviting Waxahachians to a Balloon Festival in June.
wax.jpg (32941 bytes) The spectators grew very animated during the race. Here we see Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce president Debra Wakeland waving a checkered flag in full race groupie mode, cheering for her favorite, the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce car.

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Sitting in front of the courthouse watching the little cars motor by.

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Quite a few woman drivers. And a special weight class for those of the over 170 pound hefty set.

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No, this is not a pair of Scarborough Faire wenches watching the race. Scarborough Faire people generally stay out of the downtown area when in costume.

wax8.jpg (32214 bytes) Here we see what looks to be the Chamber of Commerce car trying to run the mini Waxahachie Police Car off the road. The drivers got lectured by the Mini Prix authority about their reckless driving. It is not known if the mini police car was involved in any infractions.
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A variety of vendors vending some classic southern delicacies. Like Fried Pickles.
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Here we see a pair of eager hands dipping their Fried Pickles into ranch buttermilk dressing. Variations of ranch dressing seem to be used for just about all fried things in Texas except doughnuts.
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You can not have an event in Texas without Turkey Legs being sold. Here we see a portable vendor moving his Turkey Legs.
wax9.jpg (33443 bytes) This tight hair pin turn was the scene of most of the accidents and spinouts.
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Yellow flags quickly went up when a bad spin out or crash occurred. No serious injuries were noted. But one car had a terrible time after running over a cone and having it stuck underneath his car for several laps. This made his car move a bit erratically. And make funny noises. Like it was haunted.

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A t-shirt advertising the aforementioned most haunted place in Texas. The Catfish Plantation. Three ghosts haunt this place. Will, Caroline and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was murdered on her wedding day by a former boyfriend (it is not known if this was the same guy who carved the revenge sculptures on the courthouse). The death room is now the Catfish Plantation's ladies restroom which is where many of the ghostly sightings are said to occur. Elizabeth's teetotalling mother, Caroline, also died at the Catfish Plantation. It is believed the spirit of Caroline is the cause of the frequent unexplained spillings of diner's libations...





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